Durnst Cockstman, an undersea explorer

Posted under Episode 137, Story On By Chief

You are in a submarine in the Mariana Trench. You are headed down towards the bottom of the ocean. You are on your way to becoming the first person to reach the true bottom of the ocean, you look out the porthole and see...

"Ah! There it is!" you say as you emerge from the water with a smile on your face. "I knew I could count on you boys to help me get this thing started". You step back into the water and take another breath before speaking again.

You tell the crew you met a talking crab named Sebastian at the bottom of the trench. The crew tells you that he is famous!

They all agree that they will be happy to help you with your quest. The next day you set off for the trench. As you travel deeper into the sea you find yourself surrounded by strange creatures. Some of them you recognize, but others you have never seen before. As you continue along the trench you come across something even more bizarre than what you saw earlier.

You continue.

Suddenly, you hear a voice calling out to you. It sounds like a human voice, but not quite right.

You drive your submarine towards the voice and it gets louder. You hear the voice say...

"Hello there sailor! What brings you here? Are you looking for adventure or just some fresh air?" You turn around and stare at the creature who has spoken to you. It looks almost exactly like you did when you were little, except now its teeth are yellow instead of black. Its skin is also much paler than yours and its eyes are far bigger.

You say "So... you look like young me. That's kind of weird, right?"

> You say "Yeah, I guess so". You reply "Yeah, I guess so". The creature says nothing else and continues to stare at you. The creature doesn't move, but it seems to be listening intently. You begin to wonder if you should talk to it or not. You decide to try anyway.

You ask the creature "so.. do you come here often?" and laugh nervously.

The creature remains silent and turns away from you. You can feel a cold chill run through you. You quickly start to panic and think about how you're going to make this work. Suddenly, you realize that you don't need to speak to the creature; it knows everything you've ever done. You've been on the surface too long. It might not know anything about the depths though...

You ask Sebastian, "Hey should I be worried about this demon child? Is this normal down here?".

Sebastian answers "It isn't normal, but we're used to things like this happening. We'll deal with him later". You look at the creature and then back at Sebastian and shrug. You head back to your cabin where you spend the rest of the time trying to calm yourself down. A few days pass and you finally manage to fall asleep.

You wake up and check all the submarines gauges. You are getting closer to the bottom of the ocean, but your oxygen supplies are less than you expected at this point.

A few hours after you woke up, you heard a loud noise coming from outside the cabin. You immediately go to investigate. When you open the door, you see a huge monster tearing apart a submarine. You scream and run back inside. You grab a pistol from one of the sailors and shoot the creature. You watch in horror as it explodes into a million pieces.

You reach the bottom of the ocean. You get out in your special state of the art diver's suit and have Sebastian show you around. You see...

There is no sign of the creature. You search the area, but don't find anything. You are still scared and want to leave, but you can't quite bring yourself to leave Sebastian behind. He is very important to you. You stay on board the sub for several more weeks until you are sure you got rid of the creature.