duke1102: You are a farting fish. The pond you live in is beautiful, but all the other fish are always dying when you release a massive fart.

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duke1102: You are a farting fish. The pond you live in is beautiful, but all the other fish are always dying when you release a massive fart.
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The one, the only, the iconic Walrus

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Jackie Th
aipd: You see a fat ass Walrus named Walter try to out fart you in your own pond.
ai: Walrus don't breathe oxygen, but Walrus do live underwater and have gills. His breath may only be food, but it's still better than YOURS.
Your throne is majestic
You have learned how to speak walrus
You're so famous you're recognized in public
"Hey Walter, how's it going? I'm Lloyd and I like to eat wood."
You're kicked out of your pond by the government because you stink
creationcomeundone: You tell Walter "Put your dick away, Walter. I'm not having sex with you right now, Walter."
ai: Walter
Walter decides to be your lover instead and he farts you all the time.
"I can't believe we're having sex with each other. I just love farting you so much, you smell so sweet."
Walter, Walter, Walter
Walter you're so fat you fart yourself
The Fat Walrus Blows
You write a book
"The Fat Walrus: Our Secrets Revealed"
It becomes
surewhynot000: You read the reviews for your tell-all fart book
ai: . They're mostly bad.
Fartbook fans, I will never understand your fascination with the wild and rude worlds of barf and poop. But, if you enjoy the literary equivalent of smelling a fart then enjoy!
Hated the book!
You get your revenge by farting at your enemies.
You use your new-found fame to fart at your enemies. You'll use the money from your book to finance your life of farting and hilarity.
You fart when
eurevikz: You win a nobel prize for helping people around the world be comfortable with farting
ai: .
You fart on the audience during your acceptance speech.
"Thank you for your love of farting, and for giving me the opportunity to fart freely. The fat walrus blows!"
You fart when
Your library/museum is built in your honor.
"For your love of farting, this is how much I love you. I built you a museum."
You fart at the opening of the museum/library.
"As we open our
creationcomeundone: Start a cult called Fartology and recruit the celebrity Tom Sphincter for it.
ai: Create an army of fat walruses that wear t-shirts saying "Fuck Yeah Fartology"
You fart in your own museums/books
You fart in your own living room.
You fart in your own ass.
A hippie biker walks into your house and walks all over your collection of antique farting machines. He stops when he sees your TV playing the greatest fart video ever.
"What the fuck is this?" he asks you.
eurevikz: The world begins hate you
ai: .
The Fat Walrus Blows!
Fartological Legion of the Fat Walrus is born. You form an alliance with Earl Manburger, the Juggernaut of Fartium and the Juggalo of Fartium.
The Fat Walrus Blows!
You produce the greatest fart video ever and show it on every TV in the world. This becomes a hit and you go on a world tour.
surewhynot000: Now a world-renowned leader of fartspace innovation, you fart off into the sunset.
ai: Suddenly, you hear a large, echoing fart.
The Fat Walrus Blows!
The Fat Walrus Blows!
Your fart becomes the ending theme for every film.
You fart when
There is a rash of murders of pizza delivery men in your city.
You find out there's a group of pizza delivery boys whose goal is to rip your butt apart with their bare hands. They wear team colors of red and black
surewhynot000: You to merely smile, raising your arms to summon your legion of fart fans who swarm the Pizza Mercs and fart them to death.
ai: "The Fat Walrus Blows!"
You fart when
The President calls you "President of the Fart Corps."
"Oh, thank you, sir. I'm very honored."
"Well you don't smell very good. Get out of my office."
"No sir, no sir, please. Please don't be angry, sir. I apologize for my stench. I'm going to the spa right now and I'll have an appointment with a surgeon