Duke Hanookian, a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War

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You are flying over Ha Noi when you see troops on the ground begin to open fire upon your helicopter. Your helicopter is hit in the tail and begins to spiral to the ground. You make a hard landing and manage to escape the wreckage with your crew. You find yourself surrounded by enemy troops.

What do you do?

You tell the Viet Cong that you've been to Woodstock, and they are very impressed. Instead of killing you, they ask you questions about Jim Hendrix.

You explain that he was a friend of yours who died during the Vietnam War. They tell you that you must be killed so that no one else will know about his death. You refuse to kill them, but instead you attempt to negotiate for their lives.

You get the Viet Cong to make you a prisoner instead of killing you.

You are taken back to Ha Noi where you are met by Captain Pham Van Dong, the leader of the VC forces there. He explains to you what happened at Woodstock and how he plans to take revenge on Jim Hendrix. He tells you that he has captured Hendrix's body and intends to burn it.

You lie to him and say "I know where Hendrix's body is. I can lead you to it if you set me free.".

> You agree to go to Hendrix's Body You agree to go to Hendrix's Body, but only because you don't want to die. The next day you're led into the jungle and told to strip naked and lay down on a rock. A large rock is placed in front of you, which is then covered with blood. The rock represents Hendrix's corpse.

You are handed a guitar to prove you are the representation of Jimi Hendrix. You play a terrible version of "Mary Had A Little Lamb," and everyone agrees you are not Hendrix.

The next day you are brought before Captain Nguyen Ngoc Loan Tran, the man who kidnapped you from Woodstock. He says he knows who you are and that you were lying all along. He explains that he wants to exact revenge on Jimi Hendrix as well as you. He hands you a pistol and orders you to shoot him in the head.

You comply, the gun was filled with blanks, Captain Nguyen says you are worthy to join the Viet cong.

> You shoot Nguyen Ngoc Loan Tran in the Head You shoot Nguyen Ngoc Loan Tran in the head, just like you did with Jimmy Page. You shoot Nguyen Ngoc Loan Tran in the head. The bullet passes through his neck, hitting his heart. His body falls lifelessly onto the ground. Captain Nguyen cries out as he dies, "My son!"

You go back to your crashed helicopter and attempt to fix it.

When you return to the village, you are greeted by the villagers. They thank you profusely, and congratulate you on avenging their friend.

You decide to stay in the village for a while. You fix the helicopter and make extra money giving people rides to the war.