Drug Fueled Illuminati Aliens – You are Terry Branch, head of the institute for Aliens and Psychics.

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You are Terry Branch, head of the institute for Aliens and Psychics. Today you received a signal from deep space that told you the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow's 2 billion dollar jackpot
 drawing. You are also aware that there is a large contingent of aliens in orbit around the earth right now. They have been observing your activities for some time now. They wish to make contact with you.
They have sent their leader, Dr. Danilo, to meet with you. He has come prepared with a holographic projection of himself.
 Dr Danilo has taken the form of
 a beautiful female human, who appears to be about 20 years old. She is wearing a long flowing white dress that reaches down to her knees. You can see an outline of her stockings and high heels on her feet.
You quickly determine that she is not alone as there is a second figure behind her.
 You look behind and see a more disturbing figure:
 A male alien wearing only a pair of black leather pants and a white t-shirt. The alien is much more powerful than Dr Danilo; his body is covered with tattoos, which cover most of his face. His hair is dark brown and is tied back in a ponytail.
Dr. Danilo stands before you and says "Hello, my name is Dr. Danilo.
 You lean in for a kiss with Dr Danilo's hologram.
 You are surprised at how real it seems to be. When you pull away, Dr. Danilo says" Don't worry, I am not going to hurt you. It would be very easy to do so. You will find out soon enough if we are compatible. "
You ask what the hell is going on? Why would they want to make contact with an alien like you?
 You suspect that Dr Danilo does not know you are psychic and you read her mind:
 'You are a pathetic waste of space. You have no idea what life really is like here on Earth. You are in fact a complete fraud. Your mind is completely dominated by the human race. You are nothing but a parasite that feeds off of our power.'
Your thoughts are interrupted when Dr. Danilo moves toward you and wraps his arms around your neck.
 You wake up in a hotel room surrounded by $2 billion dollars cash.
 You are naked except for a pair of black fishnet stockings and a pair of high heels. There is a note on the dresser: "I hope this helps you understand why we are here."
You look at the note and read: "We are here to help you. We know that you can feel our presence, so we thought we'd come to meet you.
 You are unsettled, however you want to use your money to buy the things you've always wanted:
 a car, a house, a nice vacation, all that stuff. However, we have a suggestion: Instead of buying those things, you should invest it into yourself. You could then use that money to create wealth and power. Then you would be able to give back to your people.
We believe that you have the potential to be something more than just another parasitic creature.
 When you hear wealth and power, one thing comes to mind:
 The Illuminati. We want to help you become part of the Illuminati. That way, you can give back to your people and make a difference in the world. "
You look at Dr. Danilo and say "What is the Illuminati?"
 Dr Danilo plays a short movie narrated by Tom Cruise.  Tom appears on screen and says, "Welcome to the Illuminati!
 With our new technology, we can do anything. Our members come from all walks of life. You may have heard of us before; we are the ones who control the world. When you join the Illuminati, you will not only enjoy wealth and power but also a place in history. You will be remembered forever. "
Dr. Danilo asks you if you're interested in joining the Illuminati.
 You feel like you do not have a choice and accept.  You are inducted into the Illuminati with a strange and unusual initiation ritual:
 You are presented with a large amount of cash. As you take the money, you realize that it is actually the blood of a young child. You are then given a small vial of blood that contains a secret ingredient that will allow you to see through any illusion.
You are told to return to your room.
 Dr Danilo watches over you and tells you to drink the blood, every last drop.
 You are led back to your room and told to go to bed. You are awakened several hours later by someone knocking on the door. You open the door and there is a beautiful and naked woman standing there. She looks at you and says "I am your new Mistress."
You are confused as to what is happening. You try to speak but you can not remember how to talk.
 You get up and look in the mirror and see that adrenochrome has transformed you into a monster, specifically a
 werewolf. You are forced to walk out of your room and into the hallway. You are taken to the elevator and thrown in the air. You land in a pool of blood. The doors close and you are transported to a room with a large bed. You are stripped naked and bound to the bed. You are then told to wait for instructions.
 A Tom Cruise hologram appears in your room and tells you your first Illuminati mission:
 kill a man named John.
You are startled by the sound of the door opening and a tall slender man steps inside. He is wearing a black suit and a white shirt. You can tell he is very powerful. He looks at you and says "You are Terry Branch, head of the institute for Aliens and Psychics."
 You nod.  The tall man hands you a manilla envelope.  You pull out a picture, it's famous Hollywood elite: John
 Travolta. You look at him and say "I am going to kill you!"
The tall man laughs and says "You will never be able to do that. I have already killed you once and now you are a werewolf. You cannot kill me again. However, you are a very valuable asset to the Illuminati.
 You break out of your restraints and fight the Tall Man who reveals himself as the one and only John Travolta!
John Travolta says "What are you doing here? Who are you?" You look at him and say "You're the one and only John Travolta! And you're the one and only John Travolta! You've been dead for 20 years!"
Travolta says "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"
 You look around and see the world has returned to normal.  You are not a werewolf, John Travolta is not a scary tall man monster.  You realize the blood earlier was probably just liquid Psilocybin.  You didn't join the Illuminati, you were just high on drugs and broke into Travolta's mansion.
  You are free.
Dr Danilo walks into the room and looks at you. She asks you how you feel. You say "Free! Free! Free! Free! Now what do I do?" She responds "You have a lot of things to do. First, you need to find your family. You must contact them. Then you will help them build a new world.
 Dr Danilo continues and tells you your family is on Mars!  The moral of the story:
 Don't trust anyone.
You begin to think about your life and why you are here. You realize that you have no idea who you are or where you came from. You need to find out. You leave your room and walk to the front desk. You ask the clerk if she knows of any lost children. She says "No, but there is a little girl wandering around the hotel.