Det. Jonathon Glass Opens the Wormhole

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You are Jonathon Glass, a detective living in Chicago. You have a pistol and a police badge. You enter the forest where you believe the criminal you're searching for fled to. Suddenly , you hear a gunshot behind you.
> turn around blindly and empty your clip into the forest

Your head snaps up as you feel a bullet go through your back. Your body falls backwards, hitting the ground with a thud.
> enter the wormhole

The light from the sun is fading fast. The last rays of sunlight are barely visible now. You can see nothing but blackness ahead of you, save for the distant glow of stars.
It's time to leave this place.
> exit the wormhole and don't die

You continue forward into the darkness. You walk slowly, trying not to make any sudden movements or sounds. You try to keep your breathing calm and steady, even though it feels like its going to explode out of you at any moment.
Finally, you reach an intersection of two roads.
> take the road less traveled

This road has been used by more than one person before you. It's not very well maintained, but it'll do. You'd rather be safe on this road than on some other one that might lead somewhere dangerous.
> about face and go down the dangerous road firing you gun and flashing your chicago badge

You decide to follow the safer road. This way, you won't get lost and you'll be able to find your way back if something goes wrong.
You walk along the road cautiously, keeping low so as not to attract attention. Eventually, you come across a house.
> open the quartz door and barge into the house saying "Detective Jon Glass here, glass with class and your ass is glass"

You burst through the front door and immediately start shooting everyone inside.
They fall dead all over the floor. They look like they've just stepped off a set from a horror movie.
        You shoot them again and again until their lifeless bodies are covered with blood.
> shove all the bodies into two separate bags and leave them by the curb

You shove all the bodies into two different bags and leave them by the curb. You then run back home and hide under your bed.
      You wait until nightfall when you sneak out of your room and return to the crime scene.
> pinch your skin and see if you are dreaming, then pick up a bible to see if it's gibberish

You wake up and realize you must have dreamed it. Maybe the Bible was gibberish afterall.
   You put away your gun and pick up a bible to see if it's gibberish.
You wake up and realize you must have dreamt it.
> return to the forest where you dreamt you got shot and look for clues

You return to the forest where you had dreams of getting shot and looking for clues.
You search the area carefully, but find no sign of anything important. There is a trail leading to the right which leads you back towards the entrance of town, but there is nothing interesting about that direction either.
> call scene and clap your hands

You call the scene and clap your hands.
 The next day, you get a phone call from Detective Glass who tells you he found the body of a man near his car. He says he thinks it might be yours since he looks like you.