Daisey Duke the Wise and the Fraud

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You are Daisey Duke the Wise, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've been looking for. You look around and see that it's not much more than a ruined tower with some rubble on top.

It doesn’t even look like there was any battle here or anyone to fight, but then again this is the city of Nuro where anything can happen.
> travel back in time to when the tower was still standing

As you approach the ruins, you notice that they aren't quite as bad off as they seem. There are some broken windows and doors, but nothing looks damaged. The only thing out of place is the pile of rubble in front of the building which seems to be part of a wall or fence.
> cast a spell

You step forward and cast a fireball at the pile of rubble. It explodes harmlessly against it, but you hear something crack behind you. You turn around just in time to see a large black shadow appear from behind one of the buildings. He raises his hands up into the air and begins chanting.

"I am the shadow, I am the darkness, I am…the shadows…the shadows…" he chants before suddenly vanishing. You don't move and wait until he has finished before casting another fireball at him.
> track down the shadow and ask him for the amulet

You run over to the pile of rubble and begin tracking the shadow through the cracks in it. After several minutes, you find him. A small figure wearing a hooded cloak stands by the entrance to an alleyway. He points at you and says "Hey! What do you want?
> demand that he give to you the amulet and say "I know you David, I know what you've done.  Politically.  Ideologically."

You grab the amulet and take it from him. He smiles and tells you "I knew you would come here eventually. Now let me go, I'm sorry about all this."
He disappears into an alcove and you leave the alleyway and head back towards the ruins.
> go to the ruins and activate the amulet

You enter the ruins and look around. They are indeed worse off than you thought, but they aren't completely destroyed either. Some of them have collapsed walls and fallen in disrepair, but other parts look relatively intact.
> convert ruins to low income housing

You decide to try to convert the ruins into low income housing. You tell everyone to start working on converting the houses. You also inform them that if they need help with their jobs, you will gladly offer it.
The next day, you get a call from someone who works at the ruins.
> "let me guess, another delay?"

"Yeah, well we're going to have to change our plans. We had planned on having people work on converting these houses today, but now that plan won't be possible."
"What happened?

Are there any problems?"
"No, everything's fine. We were just told that we can't start working on the conversion right away because of a problem with the owner."
"Oh no..." You think to yourself "This isn't good.
> go to the king and demand that he hand over ownership of the ruins to you

You walk out of your office and go to the King. You explain what is happening and how you feel like he should own the ruins so that they may be used as a place where poor people can live.

The king agrees immediately.
After a few days, you receive word that the owners of the ruins have given up trying to stop you from building and are willing to sell.
> call Jon Miller, a real estate agent

You call Jon Miller and tell him you want to buy the ruins. He asks you what price you want and you say $1 million dollars. He says that he can't sell them for that much, but he'll try to get it down to half or even less.
> host an open house at the ruins

You invite anyone who wants to visit the ruins to come by and see what you're doing. You also invite Jon Miller to come too.
Jon comes by and you explain that you want to build a hotel there, which will cost more money than the ruins alone could ever pay for.
> cast two fireballs to burn down the ruins and file two insurance claims

You spend all night preparing the ruins for your guests. The next morning, you set about burning them down. You don't bother filing any insurance claims since you know that the insurance company will only cover a fraction of what you spent on the damage anyway.
> fire Jon Miller and cast a "you're fired" spell

You send a blast of flame at Jon Miller. It burns his face and hands, but not badly enough to kill him.

You then cast a fireball at the ruins, which catches fire instantly.
> give Jon Miller a gift of aloe vera

You give Jon Miller a bag full of aloe vera. He takes one look at it and smiles.

Jon Miller thanks you profusely and runs off to tell his boss that you gave him a present!

You smile and think "Well this was fun!"
> game over

You wake up and realize that you've been dreaming about Jon Miller for the past three nights. This makes you very happy, but now you realize that this dream is going to become reality soon...

You awake to find yourself in your room.