Curly Rockhard, cattle rancher on an estate in the Colorado rocky mountains

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You are rounding up the cattle heard for the evening, when you hear wolfs howling in the distance. You must hurry before the sun sets.

The ranch is not far from your home and if you don't get there by dark, you will surely be attacked by wolves! You have just reached the edge of the woods, when you see something black moving quickly through the undergrowth. It is a wolf, but it looks different to you than any you've ever seen.

You see the wolf is wearing pajamas. It is the fabled Sleepwolf, which hunts you in your dreams. You realize this means you are asleep.

The only thing that can save you now is to run as fast as you can back to your house where you can call upon the help of your sister Mary Ann who lives nearby.

reach Mary Ann's room, you see she is sleeping. You pull off the sheets to her bed and see it's Sleepwolf. You scream and he slashes your face. Then you wake up.

You are awakened by the sound of someone walking past. Its your sister Mary Ann. She has been awake all night and is looking after you while your father goes out to work. Her hair is messy and her clothes are torn, but she seems happy to see you.

You tell her about the Sleepwolf and ask her for advice.

She tells you to go back into your room and lock yourself in until morning. She says you should sleep with your head against the wall so that you won't dream too much.

You Your sister summons you to the school library the next day. She shows you an ancient book titled: "Somnus Lupus: Sleep Wolf." You both study the book to learn how to defeat the wolf.

> You continue... THE LITERATURE Sleep Wolf is a creature of nightmares, a creature of fear and terror. He was once called the Nightmare Beast or the Night Terror, but his name has since fallen into disuse. The reason why he is feared and hated so greatly is because he is known to hunt down those who sleep, no matter what their circumstances may be.

the book is very boring and you fall asleep

reading it. In the middle of the night, you feel a sudden chill. You look over at your sister Mary Ann and she is curled up in a corner of her bedroom, staring blankly ahead. You wonder if she fell asleep again. You turn over and try to get some sleep, but you find that you cannot do so.

You see Sleepwolf is in bed next to you.

You begin to cry. "What's wrong?" He sits beside you and begins to stroke your hair. He asks you if you want him to leave. "No," you say. "I'm fine. I'm sure my dad will come back soon". "Good. Good. Now, let me read you a story".

Suddenly, your sister barges into the room, wielding a silver hammer. "Get away from my brother!" she yells at the Sleepwolf, who bares his teeth and roars.

"Come here, little one. Let me show you a story", she says. "A story? A story?" You think. "Where did you find such a person?" "Oh, we're always reading stories together, aren't we?" Sleepy eyes stare at you. "How old are you?" he asks. Your mind races.

You read the information book on the sleepwolf. You through the index and find "how to defeat Dreamwolf". You find a passage that says "The Dreamwolf will be finally defeated when he himself falls asleep.".

You read further and discover that the Dreamwolf is "a creature of nightmares, a creature of fear and terror". You remember reading about the Nightmare Beasts in the literature class. You recall the Nightmare Beasts' ability to enter people's dreams and cause them to attack others. What would happen if they could enter your own dreams?

You begin telling the Sleepwolf about your work experience, where you see yourself in five years, and what your biggest weakness is, workwise. The Sleepwolf's eyes grow heavy, and he falls asleep.

Sleepy eyes gaze at you. He speaks softly, "My sister said you had good ideas. How old are you?" You nod. "And what does your sister do?" You smile. "Well, she's a doctor. She works at the hospital. And..". You pause. "...and..".

Sleepwolf explodes for 20 minutes, it is quite the spectacle and you are kind of just waiting to wake up after 5 minutes. You wake up and run to tell your sister "It's finally over, we did it!"

"Yes, yes, it's done", she smiles. "Now, we have to go out into the fields to celebrate! We'll meet you there!" You and your sister walk outside the house. "We need to make a big party!", you say. "Yeah, we have to have a big party!" Your sister laughs. "But not like last time!"

Your sister smiles again, and you realize she has fangs. This isn't your sister; it's the Sleepwolf, and you are still asleep. You ask the Sleepwolf if he wants to see your cattle.

He nods enthusiastically. You take him inside. "Here we are", you say. "This is our home. Here, this is our barn. There, this is our stable. See?", you point to the two buildings. "This is where we keep our animals. Look over there. That's our pen. Here's our fence. Here's our gate. See?"

You continue giving the Sleepwolf a very boring tour of your ranch. You ask him "Can I offer you like some Turkey and wine?".

"Turkey and wine? That would be nice, thanks"., he says. Afterwards, you decide to play another game, but this time, you don't give him any food. You tell him to sit by the fire while you prepare something for him to eat. As you are going to cook something, you hear footsteps behind you. It sounds like a man.

You turn and see your sister, but she is bigger and more muscular. She hands you a roofie. "Put this in the Sleepwolf's drink," she tells you in a deep voice. You follow her instructions, and she smiles, stroking her moustache.

Afterwards, the Sleepwolf is happy as can be. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!", he says. "So, how was school today?" you ask.

You realize you put spanish fly in his drink by mistake.

"Oh, no problem at all!", he replies. You look at him. His skin is dark grayish brown with white markings along his body. His ears are long, sharp, and pointed. His mouth is wide and his teeth are yellowish-brown. His nose is large and flat. His cheeks are red, and he has black stripes running down each cheek.

The Sleepwolf has a huge erection, and you realize you must make him ejaculate to make him go to sleep.

> You finish his drink You grab the bottle and pour the contents into the Sleepwolf's glass. Then, you gently squeeze. The liquid comes pouring out, and the Sleepwolf groans. You watch as it slowly goes down the throat. The Sleepwolf begins to fall asleep. You stand up and leave the bedroom. Your sister follows you.

You see the Sleepwolf is asleep. Three Little Pigs pull up in a old Ford truck with lead pipes and a noose. "We'll take it from here Curly.".

"No, let me"., you reply. You open the door and step out onto the front porch. The Sleepwolf wakes up and looks around. He sees you standing there. "Hello, little brother"., he says. You grin and walk forward. You kiss him on the lips. He returns the gesture, and together you embrace. "I love you".