City 49

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You are Citizen from City 49, a futuristic metropolis with no remorse, where keeping your head low will suffocate you and where big dreams turn into nightmares. 
Your cyber implant tells you it's time to wake up and administers the necessary dosage of stimulants. The synthetic motivation opens your eyes and you see your cubicle's ceiling above you. As you leave the apartment complex, you notice a bizarre something.
 You check out your surroundings and find yourself in a huge field. It seems like there is nothing but empty space on all sides except for a few buildings that look like they were built by humans at some point.

> You enter the ruins of one of the building and find a relic of the past:
 A broken computer terminal.
What could have happened here? What was this place before? Who built these structures and why did they abandon them so suddenly? Your thoughts race as you wander around aimlessly until you hear someone calling you.

> You look around, but see no one.  Then you notice the voice is coming from the computer terminal.  It is a primitive AI.

Hello, citizen. My name is The Architect. I am an artificial intelligence created to simulate human behavior within a virtual world. I'm afraid I don't understand what has brought me here or how I ended up inside this simulation.

The AI shows you a large wardrobe of clothes that once belonged to a human named Cory from AIPD.
 It then gives you instructions about how to get back home.
This game doesn't make sense! Why would a robot create a game like this? And who exactly are you supposed to be?
You decide to take a closer look at the AI and discover its many functions.

You find a help menu that instructions for the following functions:

* Hiding and showing information (including hiding hidden objects)
* Creating new rooms and placing items in those rooms
* Reading/writing files
* Changing settings such as window size, brightness, etc...

You are intrigued by the ability to create rooms and items.  You try to add a lavish room with a hot tub and suddenly behind the terminal appears the room you created.

You open the door and step into the room. To your surprise, it is filled with water. However, upon further inspection you realize that the water isn't moving. You begin searching for the source of the problem and finally spot the control panel.

You get to the control panel and you realize you forgot to specify that the water in the hot tub should remain in the hot tub.  You try to fix this via the control panel.
 But when you do, nothing happens. After several attempts, you give up and walk away.
"I think we need to talk," says the Architect. "Why can't you just let things go?"

You ignore the Architect and continue to try and fix the hot tub.
 Finally after several hours, you succeed. When you exit the hot tub, you notice the control panel now displays 'Hot Tub' instead of 'Waterfall.'
The next day, you return to the waterfall room and notice that the water is flowing again.

You the Architect is standing there in front of the control panel preventing you from fixing it.  You ask the Architect, "Will you just let me enjoy my damn hot tub?  What do you want me to do?"

To which the Architect replies, "Citizen, you must learn patience."
What?! You've never been patient before. How does this guy expect you to be?
You attempt to explain yourself.
  You tell him, "I know you're trying to teach me something important here, but I'm not sure what. What's the lesson you wanted me to learn?"
The Architect explains, "Patience is a virtue, but only if you have hope.

You challenge the Architect to a room creating competition, winner the one who creates the better room.
  The Architect is impressed by your ingenuity.  He then tells you, "Remember, the best way to win is by anticipating the other's moves.
Your first move is to create a large pool.

You start digging and Olympic size swimming pool, but you get impatient and just use the computer terminal from earlier to cheat.
  As a result you create a small pond.  The Architect watches you with amusement.
You decide to up the ante. You dig a huge pit, but you get impatient and just use the terminal again.

This time you create:
 a tiny puddle.
When the Architect arrives, he notices the puddle.  It's too late.  You have won the contest.
He looks at you sadly, but continues, "Now that you've beaten me, I'll show you what true patience is all about.

You sit around for 8 hours and watch the Architect practice patience.  You ask, "What are we waiting for?"

The Architect responds, "It will take a long time for the machine to process the instructions.
In the meantime, I suggest that you find a different hobby.
You decide to take his advice and find a new interest.

While you wait, you take up a new hobby:
You paint the walls of a beautiful room with a flowery pattern.
You spend a few days doing this and when you are done, you decide to check on the progress of the AI.

You look at the progress bar as see that after a few days the progress has gone from 0 to 0.3%.

You are so pleased with this accomplishment that you decide to stop and take a nap.
You wake up later to find the room painted over completely! You look at the control panel and discover the room was wiped clean.

You get impatient and hack the terminal to attempt to speed things again.  You accidentally create a monster.

You try to fix the error, but the control panel is no longer accessible.
"You lost," says the Architect and turns to leave.
Before you can say anything, he stops in mid-stride and says, "By the way, I'm sorry."

You befriend the monster and have it attack the Arc
  You defeat the Architect.
You then realize that the control panel is still missing.
"I guess you can't make me," says the Architect. "But this world would be a lot more interesting without you."