Chaz Maxworthy, a deep sea cage diver looking for great white sharks in the Atlantic Ocean

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You have been looking for the monster Great White Shark that has eluded you for the last 12 months. You are determined to find and kill the Giant Great White Shark you choose to call "Killer".

You set out on your journey with only one goal in hunt down Killer. The ocean is vast, but it is also unforgiving and deadly. There is no place you would rather be than at the edge of the world's greatest expanse of open water and the safety and security that comes from being close to land. You will do anything to survive.

You The captain of the ship asks you why you want to destroy Killer the Great White.

You explain how you feel he should be killed and that you are prepared to die for this cause.

You say "That's not really a reason," the captain says. "Why do you want this shark dead?"

> You tell him about the true story behind the legend of the Great White Shark The Captain stares into your eyes as if trying to read your soul. He then answers "I'm sorry I can't understand what you're saying". "It's because I don't know shit!" You laugh.

You throw the captain overboard. Killer suddenly appears and swallows him hole. You just into the water and punching Killer in the dick while he is eating the captain.

After killing him, you grab his tail and pull it through the air. Then you rip off his head and toss it over the side of the boat.

You reach into the sharks body and pull out the captain. He is alive and unharmed. "What's up chum?" you say to the captain as you light a cigarette.

"Just another day in the life of a killer".

You see the real "Killer" shark swimming through the water. You realize you killed his mate and he is very angry.

> You go back to fishing You return to fishing.

You write letters to the Shark, taunting his dead wife.

The next few days are spent fishing and writing letters to the Shark. Finally you get a reply: Dear Mr. Maxworthy, We have received your letter and we were wondering if you could help us with something. We need some bait. A piece of fish bone or a bit of dried flesh.

You know it's a trap, but you place a piece of fish bone and a piece of dried flesh anyway. Suddenly Killer appears with about 20 other great white sharks that circle your boat. All the sharks start ramming the boat and you fall into the water.

You swim away and manage to get onto dry land before Killer catches you. The next morning the sun shines upon the Shark's cave where you see that he has eaten all the bait. You decide to try again. This time you put a piece of dried fish bone in the bait and you throw it in the water. It sinks and the Shark grabs it.

You have laced the bait with hypnotizing drops. It works, and you command Killer to take you down to Great White Shark Land, a legendary city with a very unimaginitive name.

You are taken to an underground city where you are given a map and told to follow it. You follow the directions and soon arrive at a large building made entirely of stone. Inside you see a man who looks like the Shark. His skin is green and his teeth are long and pointy. He smiles when he sees you and points to the map.

You realize this half-man half-shark is your son. The interspecies son you abandoned nearly 25 years ago.

He explains that he was born in a lab, experimented on by scientists and mutated so much that he became a hybrid between human and shark. He gives you a small box containing a single red rose, which he calls a mother's love. The two of you walk outside and enter a huge foyer.

You take the rose, which immediately disintegrates because Killer has been holding on to it for 30 years. You also apologize for the experiments, even though they gave you a lot of money to allow it.

Suddenly Killer attacks you. You struggle against him, but he is stronger than you thought. You eventually break free, but he manages to bite your hand and drag you inside. In the basement you find yourself in a room filled with hundreds of jars full of blood. You look around and see that there are thousands of people watching you.

You see a man in a Sea World outfit narrating the show. You are in front of an audience filled with families. They are cheering for Killer to finish you off, but you pull out your torpedo launcher and fire it directly at Killer.

You hear a loud explosion followed by silence. A moment later Killer emerges from the blood filled room. He is now a young man, but still muscular and lean. He approaches you. "Are you ready to kill me?"

You say "No, but I am ready to be a father to you. A real father." You and your son embrace.

> You continue... You and your son live happily ever after.

The heartless people of SeaWorld don't care about your family reunion. They capture you and your son and make you do tricks for shark families for the next 10 years.

At last you escape and run to New York City. In New York, you meet your son at the airport. "My dad found my mom," he says. "She's waiting for me at home". You smile and hug your son goodbye. You fly back to London. After a week in England, you board a plane to San Diego.

Killer greets you at San Diego. Killer says "You can run, but you can't hide from your son forever. Not again, I won't swim for it!".

He takes you to the ocean and pulls you underwater. You scream in terror and fear. You feel Killer pulling you under the surface. "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't leave you alone here", he says. You are pulled under the water and you gasp for breath. "Come on, let's get out of here!"

Suddenly a hand reaches into the water and pulls you out. As you gasp for air, your son pouts and says, "I told you not to get involved, mom!"

"Don't worry", Killer tells you, "she'll come running over to your side".

You punch Killer on the nose.

"See? She does listen to me".

You turn and recognize Cavya Arr, the Russian woman whom you impregnated all those years ago. Her skin is just as scaly as you remember.

She stands beside her husband and a little boy. Cavya looks at you and smiles. "It seems I was right about you! You're the one for my son! Well, your son, not mine, but you will call him that. Now I want you to go to the house across the street and give this letter to your wife".

You demand a paternity test to prove who is the father.

> You refuse to lie You refuse to do the test. Killer laughs. "Well, I guess you're going to have to be the one to deliver the baby to them". Cavya leaves you and walks away. Suddenly she turns and asks, "What did you tell your son?" You pause. "Nothing", you reply.

You take one of Killer's baby shark teeth you saved and send it off to be tested. The results come back. You are ............. not the father!

Killer is very upset. He runs down the stairs, screaming and yelling. Then he collapses on the floor. A couple days pass and you receive another letter. It reads: Dear Mr. Maxworthy, Just wanted to let you know that our son is okay and we are very proud of him. We hope he grows up to be just like you.

You write a letter in response "The kid is not my son. Do not write me again. Thx.".

A few more months pass and you receive yet another letter. This time it comes from your son. He writes "Dad, I've grown up and everything is good. I've got a job, a girlfriend, a car and a house. Thanks for being there for me when you could. Love Mommy". This letter makes you angry. Killer is trying to destroy you.

You write back and tell him, "You may have all those things, but what you don't have is me for a father. Don't write me again, bitch boy.".

You receive yet another letter from Killer. This one is addressed to you. "Dear Mr. Maxworthy, I'm sorry about what happened between us last time, but I think we should start over. I mean, if we're going to be together, then we need each other. So I'm sending you this thing".

You continue.

"This is a ring. I want you to wear it every day until I die. If you kiss me, I'll grant you anything you want. And if you kill me, well, that's your problem. But I promise you, you'll never see me again!" You are so mad, you tear up the letter.

You travel to San Diego to visit your son and kiss him. You tell him your greatest wish is that you really were his father. Killer's wife tears up when she hears this. Killer waves his fins, and an elderly man standing off to the side collapses into a pile of dust. You ask Killer who that man was. "He was my father," Killer tells you. "Was.".