Charlie “Crumpers” Coughman, a risk taker who loves riding on a motorcycle

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Your loved ones advise you to be careful, but you say, "Being careful is for boring people." You try to ride your motorcycle on the roofs of your neighbors' houses. While riding on one of the roofs, you drive the motorcycle off the roof. You fall to the ground and the motorcycle lands on your neighbor.

He breaks his neck. The accident causes him to die in front of you.

You Your dead neighbor shrivels up and vanishes. The crowd gathered around gasps. A man says, "You just killed the neighborhood warlock!".

You look at him and say, "I'm not afraid of death".

Death shows up and says, "I heard there's somebody here who's not afraid of me." You whistle and look around.

It turns out that it was a ghost. He tells you, "Don't worry, I won't haunt you anymore". You You look at the ghost and say, "What do you want?" The ghost looks back at you and says, "I want to go home".

You drive your motorcycle over the ghost's head. The ghost disappears, you feel good. Then you hear you bike talk to you, your motorcycle is now haunted!

> You ghosts Ghosts are spirits of dead humans who have died in a state of undeath. They can appear as any kind of person, from a little girl to an old lady, or even a horse. Ghosts don't really bother anyone unless they try to possess them or something similar.

You Your haunted motorcycle is powerful, but it's hard to control. You ride it to Madame Judy, the local psychic.

She tries to help you by telling you what the ghost wants. She also tells you if she thinks it's right. It doesn't take long before you get the answer you need. The ghost wants to see you again. She says, "I think we should let this ghost come back. Let's bring it back to its true form".

You hold a seance and talk to the dead horse.

The spirit of the dead horse appears and asks you how to find your house. You tell her that the only way to find your house is to ride your motorcycle through the city. She says, "That sounds like a very dangerous thing to do! What will happen then? Will you crash into anything?"

You ride your motorcycle home despite her warnings, you almost crash several times but you make it. Then you see the horse ghost materialize in your driveway.

She tells you to leave because she'll never forgive you. You realize that you were being tricked all along.

You jump on the horses back and try to tame her! She's really wild.

She runs away with all her might.

You arrive an abandoned ranch. The barn opens and a ton of ghost animals explode out of it. The horse ghost tells you that you have to be a ghost farm hand or you will die.

You decide that you must become a ghost farmer so that you could save your family.

You begin to collect the ghost eggs from the ghost hens. It's dirty work but you enjoy it.

> You Ghost Farm Hand You become a ghost farmer. You have to clean up after the ghosts and feed them. Your job is to clean up after the ghosts and feed them. You have no choice but to follow their instructions. The ghosts seem to love you. Eventually you manage to keep them happy.