Butch Crossfire, a rodeo clown in Dallas, Texas

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You are in a showdown against the fiercest bull in Texas. His name is Duke Bullington and he has you in his sites.

You have been hired by Mr. Zoll, an old friend of yours from school who owns a small circus here in town. He wants someone like you to help him out. You know nothing about this circus but it sounds like a lot of fun so you agree to do it. Mr. Zoll will pay you $25 for your trouble.

You ice cream.

You get into the ring where you see Duke Bullington charging at you with his horns raised high. He is huge! You try to keep up with him, but he is faster than you thought. You feel a punch in your side knock you down. You land hard on the ground and hear some laughter coming from outside the ring.

You realize the laughter is coming from Mr. Zoll. He and Duke Bullington wink at one another, and you realize they are in cahoots. Duke gets ready to charge again...

> You fight back You look around frantically trying to find something that might help you, but all you can think about is how bad you want to go home. You start fighting back, kicking and punching Duke. The crowd goes wild as you make a mess of your opponent. When you finally stand back up, you notice that the referee has stopped the fight.

You look around the stadium at the crowd cheering for you. The referee then announces...

> You win the fight! You win the fight! "Mr. Zoll won the fight!" the announcer says. "I'm sure you're very happy to be alive after such a big man". The next day you receive a check for $25 from Mr. Zoll. "Thank you," you say. "No problem," Mr.

You walk around town trying to get people to charge at you.

They always laugh when they see you. One woman even offers you her seat on the bus. She tells you she's sorry she didn't tell anyone what happened before because if everyone knew, things would've been different.

You ask her "can you tell me the story about what happened again? I really love the way you tell that story." She then tells you...

The bus ride was just starting. It was late afternoon and you had no intention of getting off the bus. You were going to sit there until everyone got off or until the driver told you to move. That would be the last time you ever sat on the bus again. You sat in the middle of the bus. You couldn't believe how empty it looked.

You take the bus to the end of the line. You are in what seems like a ghost town. There is a group of rodeo bulls waiting for you.

They are all wearing cowboy hats. All of them have guns pointed right at you. "Get off the bus now!" one of the riders yells. You don't understand why the rider yelled, "get off the bus now", instead of saying "don't shoot!". Then you realized that you weren't supposed to leave the bus at all.

You hit the floor as the bus is riddled with a hail of gunfire. You steak off and punch the lead bull right in the balls. This sends him into a rampage.

He charges at you with both horns raised high. You jump up and kick him away from the bus. You run over to the driver and grab his pistol. You point the gun at the bull and pull the trigger. The bullet hits the bull square in the chest killing him instantly. "Oh my god!" the bus driver screams. "He killed the bull!"

You climb to the top of the bull's massive corpse and raise your pistol in glory! You yell at the other bulls "I AM BUTCH CROSSFIRE AND YOU ARE NOT! LEAVE IF YOU WANT YOUR LIVES SPARED!".

"Butch, please calm down," the driver says. "We need to get out of here". "Don't listen to him," the butch crossfire shouts. "I am the greatest killer in history, and I'll show these assholes what happens to those that fuck with me!"

You open up a can of whoop-ass on the bulls.

They scream and stumble backwards in fear. You fire several more bullets into their bodies. The bull carcasses litter the road. Suddenly, a bullet hits you in the head. You fall to the ground still holding the gun. Blood gushes out of your skull as you die.

You The bus driver drapes your body in a ZZ Top flag and pours Coors beer on your head wound. He plays Kid Rock music, and it brings you back to life. The bulls bow before you. You are the Bull God.