Buck Wesley, mechanical bull wrangler

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You the greatest wrestler to ever live. One day after a long day of snapping dragon necks, a letter materializes before you. It's from El Donno, the bull magnet. You read it and it says.

> You decline the offer You quickly grab your bat and head towards the door. You hear the sounds of battle outside and know that this is just the beginning. The next few days will be bloody ones. The next few days are filled with violence as you fight off groups of orcs, goblins and ogres.

You ride your mechanical bull past the hordes of orc to El Donno's castle. You challenge him to a championship wrestling match for the whole kingdom to witness.

He accepts and you set out on your journey to his home. Your journey takes you through many dangerous places such as the swamp, the mountain pass, the jungle and even into the underworld. But at last you arrive in front of El Donno's Castle. The crowd goes wild when they see you enter the castle. They cheer for you and wave their arms in the air in support.

You enter the wrestling ring the crowd has set up in the castle courtyard. You begin hyping the crowd for the show as everyone wait for El Donno to make his epic entrance full of fireworks and loud music.

"The first rule of wrestling is no cheating!" El Donno yells from the top of the steps leading up to the cage. He then begins to fire an energy blast at you. "No cheating! No rules! This is my kingdom!" he screams. El Donno fires another energy blast at you and you duck down and roll out of the way.

You start cheating and bring out the ladder to smack El Donno in the back while he cheers after an energy blast. The crowd turns against you and boos.

El Donno continues to cheat by firing an energy blast at you but you dodge them all and throw him over the side of the cage. El Donno lands hard on the ground below where the referee comes out to check if he's alright. "I'm sorry," El Donno says. "I was trying to protect the world". The referee looks at you and shakes his head.

You turn to the crowd to apologize, then El Donno hits you over the head with a folding chair.

You fall unconscious and never wake up.

A doctor is able to revive you by placing your brain into mechanical bull. You storm back to El Donno and challenge him to a rematch.

He accepts. This time you bring out the ladder and slam El Donno onto it. You continue to cheat by throwing fireballs at him. You also use the same tactic you used to knock him out earlier. You bring out the rope ladder and climb up it. El Donno tries to hit you with a fire ball and you dodge and block.

You use your new found mechanical bull charging attack to knock El Donno off the cage into the crowd.

You run around the ring and slam El Donno into the mat. El Donno grabs the handle of the big chainsaw and starts hacking away at you. You pull out the chainsaw and try to slice El Donno's arm off, but he blocks the blow. You swing the chainsaw at his face and he ducks under it and kicks you in the stomach.

You grab him into a hold and whisper into El Donno's ear "The chainsaw is not real, right? It's just for show?".

El Donno laughs and swings the chainsaw at you, but you dodge it and kick him in the groin. El Donno stands up and walks toward you with the chainsaw raised high above his head. "Do you really think I'd let you kill me? Do you really think I'd let you take my life?" El Donno asks. "Yes".

You yell "It's time to go buck wild!" and spin around wildly. Your horn pierces El Donno's side.

El Donno falls backwards hitting the floor. The crowd roars.

You pin him to the mat and yell to the referee "COUNT IT!".

The referee counts it slowly and the crowd gets louder and louder. Finally the referee calls your name. El Donno crawls back up and smiles. "Well done kid". El Donno says. "You're a natural". El Donno leaves the arena shaking his head. The rest of the night passes like any other.

You El Donno dies in the night from internal bleeding. The next day you are made King.

Your reign lasts about two years until you get sick of ruling and decide to leave the land. Your body breaks down and you die soon after leaving the land.