Broknivich Igizogorvavichkz, a cult leader in very Eastern Europe

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You have convinced thousands of people on your summer compound that you are the reborn Jesus Christ.

You are holding an orderly assembly, when suddenly a man from the back of the church begins to scream very loudly. He shrieks...

"Jesus! Jesus!" The crowd is stunned by this outburst and many look around for the source of the voice. Suddenly there appears before them a tall, pale figure with long hair and wearing a robe. As they stare at him, he smiles slightly and points to a small child dressed in rags who stands near the front of the church.

Everyone realizes the man is Jesus. The congregation turns and looks at you angrily. You pull at your collar and say, "Yiy-ikkes."

(Come here) >

You listen to Jesus and come closer. Jesus puts your hand on your shoulder and says...

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm just trying to help you get through this difficult time". The congregation looks at each other and then back at Jesus, all of them looking down at their feet. They begin to cry quietly.

You tell everyone this man is an imposter and that you are the real savior. Then Buddha walks in.

He tells everyone that they should stop arguing and go outside. Everyone does so and as they do, Jesus gives you a big hug and kisses you on the cheek. The crowd cheers and claps. After the cheering dies down a couple more members of the congregation walk out and take their seats. One of them is a woman dressed in black robes.

You point at the boy in rags and say, "If he's the real Jesus, why didn't he give this boy some better clothes, am you right." The congregation begins throwing hymnals at you.".

The next day you meet up with Buddha again. This time you ask him if he wants to join you. He thinks about it for a moment and agrees. So you decide to travel together to the village where you were born. When you arrive, you see that the place looks exactly like you remember. There is even a statue of Jesus standing guard over the gate.

You hear the woman in black robes to say to you "This is where you were born. I will tell you of the miracle of your birth.".

She leads you to a large wooden door and opens it. Inside you find yourself in a room made entirely of wood. On one side of the room is a table covered with books. On another side of the room is a chair, which has been turned upside down. In front of the chair is a bed. Behind the bed is a curtain.

You pull the curtain aside and discover...

A young girl lying naked on her bed. She is breathing heavily and her eyes are closed. Her mouth is agape and she seems to be saying something but you can't make out what it is. It occurs to you that she might be crying because she is dying. Suddenly a bright light comes into the room and blinds you completely.

The girl is cured and she puts a bunch of clothes on. Jesus enters the room nonchalantly and says "Another day, another miracle."

. > You try to leave the house The girl gasps when she sees Jesus. She runs towards you and hugs you tightly. Jesus takes her hand and asks if everything is alright. She nods and whispers, "Yes, my love. Everything is fine".. Jesus gently pushes you away and says "Don't be afraid now. Come inside. We need to talk".

You follow Jesus into the sitting room. You both sit down and he fixes his cute robes. You then reveals to you...

That you are actually the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene.

You immediately become a prostitute. You tell Jesus the news, and he says...

"You know, I used to think you were just a pretty face. But after seeing you, I realize that you really ARE the daughter of David. And I was wrong, I admit it. My mistake was thinking you were just a pretty face".

You ask Jesus if he is coming on to you.

He laughs and replies "Of course not. I told you that you would never fall for it. Well, maybe just once..".

You decide to seduce Jesus Christ. You also decide to seduce Buddha and Vinshnu.

> You seduce Jesus You stand behind Jesus and put your arm around his chest. You kiss him deeply and then move your head down until you reach his crotch. You run your tongue along his shaft and suck on it. You moan softly and start to finger fuck him. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain shoot through your body.

You continue.

Suddenly you feel Jesus grab your hair and force you to cum. Jesus then lets you go and you collapse onto the floor. Jesus looks at you and smiles. "So, did you enjoy my little show?" You nod eagerly and smile before asking Jesus how he feels about being a virgin. Jesus smiles and replies "Very much. Now let me teach you a lesson".

You hail Satan and Satan appears from an explosion of flames in the center of the room.

Jesus pulls out a dagger and points it at Satan. "I don't care who you are or what you've done, I'm going to kill you!" Satan screams.

Jesus and Satan fight to the death. Buddha agrees to be the referee.

When the dust clears, you're left dead on the ground.