Broken Love Triangle – You are Bradley, a guy who’s upset that your girlfriend, Jennifer, is dating a man named Bradson.

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You are Bradley, a guy who's upset that your girlfriend, Jennifer, is dating a man named Bradson.
 One day you come home to find the house has been burgled and all of Bradson's belongings have gone missing. You set off in search of him but soon realize that he may be dead or even worse -- an android!

> You notice the following items from Bradson's house are missing:
 The remote control for his TV, The television itself, His car keys, A can opener, His cell phone, His watch, His wallet, And his umbrella. 
You go to visit Jennifer at her apartment only to discover she has left town.

> You put it together that you have been cut out of the love triangle.

Your anger turns into fear as you begin to suspect that you've been framed by someone who wants to take over your job. But how could they do this?
You go to visit Michael at his office and ask if he knows anything about what happened.

Michael tells you
 that he hasn't heard from Jennifer since she moved away. He also says that he thinks that perhaps you were involved with some other woman and that you're now trying to get back at him by stealing his girlfriend.

> You notice a strange fly on Michael's desk.  It looks like an invitation to a couples party and you decide to invite yourself in case Jennifer shows up.

You open the door and walk inside, then turn around and see a pair of red shoes. You look up to see a pair of legs covered in black stockings.
"Hello?" You say nervously.

> You look at the woman's face and recognize her as
She smiles and asks, "Bradley, right?"
You nod and smile, relieved that she recognizes you.
"It's nice to meet you," she says. "I'm so sorry I disappeared without saying goodbye."

> You ask "Jennifer why so cold?  I am not here to try and get back with you, I am just here for closure.  Why did you leave me?"

"Well..." She sighs. "You know that whole thing with Michael? Well, I was having second thoughts about it and decided to move away to think things over. But then when I got there, I realized that I couldn't live without him."

> You leave dejected and bump into Michael.

You tell Michael about the conversation you had with Jennifer and ask if he knew where she went.
He laughs and says, "Oh yeah, she told me all about it. Said you were crazy jealous and wanted to kill her boyfriend."

> You decide to sabotage the party by
 telling Michael that you saw Jennifer leaving with another man.
"So what does that mean?" You ask.
Michael shrugs and says, "Probably means she's seeing someone else behind your back.
 You should be happy."
"What?!" You exclaim.
"Well, it makes sense doesn't it? If you're really jealous of a guy, wouldn't you want to break up his relationship?"

> You convince Michael that you are over Jennifer.

You shake your head and say, "No, I don't care if she's cheating on me. What I care about is finding out who framed me and getting my job back."
"Yeah, well I'm sure you'll figure something out," Michael says.

Michael becomes your prime suspect.  You follow Michael and take note of his daily activities:

You notice that Michael goes to work early every morning. He comes home late at night. He leaves the house often during the day and returns very tired.
You think that maybe Michael is up to no good.

> You notice Michael often goes to a dilapidated apartment complex.  You decide to follow him in one evening.

The next evening you drive past Michael's apartment and park nearby.
You sneak inside Michael's apartment and notice that there is a key taped to the underside of the couch. You check under the couch and see a small box with a single red rose inside.

> You notice the single red rose has a gold stem and the petals are actually rubies.

You wonder what Michael is doing with such a valuable item. You look at the key taped to the underside of the couch and decide to try it.
You unlock the door and step inside. You hear a noise coming from the kitchen and you turn to see Michael walking towards you.

"Hey!" You shout.
"Huh?" He says, startled.
"Did you steal the rose?" You ask.
"What? No, I bought it from a flower shop down the street."

> You attempt to leave and convince Michael that you accidentally found the expensive jeweled rose.

You pull on the door handle but it won't budge.
"What's wrong?" Michael asks.
You try again and find that the door will only open inward. You grab the edge of the door and push hard.

Michael says, "Pull." but you continue to push.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asks.
"I need to get out of here," you say.
"Why?" Michael asks.
"Because I think someone stole the key from underneath this couch."

> You admit to Michael that you stole the key as well.

"How do you know it was stolen?" Michael asks.
"I saw it taped to the underside of the couch."
"That's weird," Michael says. "I bought it from a flower shop down the street.
> You find a mysterious keyhole in one of the flower pots and open it to see
 a red rose inside.
You point at the flower pot and say, "This flower pot was empty before. Now it has a single red rose inside."
Michael shrugs and says, "Maybe someone planted the rose in the flowerpot while I wasn't looking."

> You smash the flower pot and reveal the true treasure inside:

You hold the broken flower pot and show Michael the gold key inside.
"Holy shit!" Michael exclaims.
"Yeah, that's what I thought," you say. "Now let's go."

> You recognize this gold key as the key to the city.  You use stolen valor and get free breakfast at the local diner.

You drive back to the diner and order a plate of pancakes.
After eating, you realize that you have nothing to wear except for the clothes you were wearing when you arrived.
You decide to visit a nearby clothing store and purchase some new outfits.

> You put on ​a pile of Cory's clothes.

Cory's clothes fit perfectly.
You buy a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
You also buy a few pairs of shoes.
You decide to pick up a jacket as well.

> You unlock the city door.

You reach into your pocket and feel the cold metal of the key.
You enter the city and head to the police station.
When you arrive, you notice that the office is locked.
You walk around the building and find a window on the side of the building.
 You peer inside and see an old woman sitting behind a desk. She looks like a cop.
You knock on the glass and call out, "Hello! Is anyone here?"
She peers through the window and says, "What do you want?"

> You point at the key to the city in your hands and say, "Key to the city, can I shoot guns and ride along?"

"I suppose so," she says.
You nod and say, "Great. Can you please let me inside the building?"
The old lady unlocks the door and lets you inside.
You walk into the room and find a bunch of policemen gathered around a table.

> You notice the police are all playing a game of
You approach the table and ask, "Is there a problem?"
One of the officers says, "Not really. We're just having a card game."
You smile and say, "Good.
 I'm looking for a friend who might be in trouble."
"Who?" One of the cops asks.
"A man named Michael."
"Michael who?" Another officer asks.
"Michael Mandretti," you say.

The police give you Michael Mandretti's file:

Michael Mandretti - 24 years old.
Height: 6'2". Weight: 200 pounds.
Eye color: Brown. Hair color: Black.
Build: Muscular.
He has dark brown hair and eyes.

> You notice Michael has an odd address listed in his file.

Michael Mandretti - 24 years old.
Address: Unknown.
"Are you sure he lives here?" One of the cops asks.
"Yes," you say.
"Can you tell us where he lives?"

> You tell police exactly where he lives.

"He lives in a small house in a quiet neighborhood."
"I don't remember seeing any houses in that area," another policeman says.
"Well, he must live in a different part of town," you say.

> You ride along with the police to Michael's house, but when arrive, you see there is no house, only
 a mailbox.
You pull over and get out of the car.
You approach the mailbox and look inside.
Inside is a letter addressed to Michael Mandretti. You open the envelope and read the contents:
Dear Michael,
We are very sorry to inform you that we have been unable
 to locate your property. The home was destroyed by fire several weeks ago.
If you would like to claim your belongings, please contact us at the following number.
"Where did this come from?"