Boomer Rosebud, a roughneck on the deck of an offshore oil rig

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You One day you are drilling for oil with your friend Lee Boy. Something goes wrong and there is a blowout on the deck. A few men are injured. You look around for Lee Boy but you cannot find him anywhere.

The next morning, you hear screaming coming from the engine room.

You run to the engine room to discover Lee Boy has been blown into the machinery. You free him from the engine. His body and some of the engine parts have somehow merged.

He looks like a ghost. You do not know what to think. Is he dead? Is he alive? What will happen when you merge with this machine? Will you be able to survive? Features: - Over 200 handcrafted levels! - More than 10 unique bosses! - Dozens of items to collect! - More than 30 achievements!

You rename Lee Boy as Mechanical Lee. He becomes very egotistical because of his handcrafted levels.

Features: - More than 100 handcrafted levels! - More than 20 unique bosses! - Hundreds of items to collect! - More than 40 achievements!Mechanical Lee is too much of a perfectionist. You decide to make him more friendly by making him less egotistical.Features: - More than 100 handcrafted levels! - More than 20 unique bosses! - Hundreds of items to collect!

You enter your parents credit card information and spend $400000 on Lee Boy Coins. You ask Mechanical Lee if he is satisfied and ready to go back to work on the oil rig.

Features: - More than 60 handcrafted levels! - More than 15 unique bosses! - Thousands of items to collect! - More than 50 achievements!Lee Boy is happy that you are spending so much money on him. He decides to stop being so hard on himself. Features: - More than 60 handcrafted levels! - More than 15 unique bosses!- Thousands of items to collect!

You decide to battle a unique boss in order collect an item that you use to handcraft another level.

You create a new level where you fight your friends with different weapons.

You die in the game. Lee Boy informs you that this means you die in real life. Mechancial Lee rips out of the floor and starts to attack you.

> You die You die and fall down a hole. The screen flashes white and then black.

You cash in the $400,000 coins you bought to generate another life. You hunt down Lee Boy and find him in the oil rig cafeteria, drinking a milkshake. You drink his milkshake. You drink it up.

You are happy.

You ask Lee Boy "So, what happened to you during the blowout? I couldn't find you for several hours, then I find you merging with the machinery in the engine room. What's the deal?".

> You merge You merge with Lee Boy and become one with the machinery. You laugh at Lee Boy who is now laughing at you. Lee Boy tells you that you are going to die soon. You tell Lee Boy that you don't believe him.

You show Lee Boy the dynamite vest you strapped to your chest when you were brought back to life. You can call you Dr Demon Sex... see you in HELL! You detonate and kill Lee Boy and yourself.

Features: - More than 90 handcrafted levels! - More than 25 unique bosses!- Hundreds of items to collect!- More than 45 achievements!

Thousands of people show up for your funeral, which features more than 90 handcrafted criers! - More than 25 unique ex-girldfriends!- Hundreds of funeral cards collect!- More than 45 achievements mentioned during your eulogy.

Your mother comes home and finds you lying in bed. She rushes over to you and screams at you. You scream back at her. "I'm sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to hurt you". She runs away crying. You sit up and look at the ceiling. You begin to cry.