BONUS STORY #1 – Morbius – You are Morbius and you are morbin’!

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You are Morbius and you are morbin'!
Your body is covered in scars, but it's not because of the many battles that you have fought.
It's because of your wife, who was bitten by a spider and died after giving birth to your son, Robbie.

You vow to get revenge on the spider that killed your wife that you have nicknamed:

 "Jaws". You become a scientist and find a way to clone your dead wife so you can continue your bloodline and eventually create an army of spiders to take out the world.
You spend all of your money cloning your dead wife over and over again until one day, she gives birth to

the Kool Aid Man who bursts out of her stomach and yells, "Oh yeah!"

Morbius's wife is now a super hero.
Morbius thinks that the only way he can kill Jaws is by luring him into a bathtub where he can drown. He also decides to go with his wife since she has more muscle than him.

You train the Kool Aid Man in the martial art of tub-fu.

He then beats the shit out of Morbius because he has been training for years.
You realize that Jaws escaped.
But then he comes back because he wants revenge and says, "This time, we do it my way."

Jaws gets revenge on your for your plot of revenge by

 sending the entire population of Japan to the United States.
You have a final battle with him.
But you lose and Jaws turns you into a giant spider because he was jealous that you were copying him.

You push the big red button.

 The whole world is destroyed.
Except for a few people who survive.
These lucky few are your clone daughters who you didn't know existed.
The three girls live in a safehouse and never leave.

A Death Note falls from the sky and knocks you out.

You wake up to find a note on the floor with your name written all over it.
You pick up the Death Note and read its instructions. You become the next God of death.
You use the Death Note to bring peace and order to the world.

You write, "SPIDER" in your death note.

You write, "I KILL SPIDERS."
And you die.
You die horribly.
You are now a spider.
You are not the spider from Spiderman or any other Spiderman.

You try to live your life as a spider, but your wife leaves your and the kool aid man disowns you as a father.

You decide that you need to go on a quest to find more Kool Aid so you can make more people into spiders just like you.
The End.

You are Morbius and you are morbin'!

You move out of your house and move into Cory's house.

She says: "Please come home and help me with the kids!"
You say, "I'm sorry but I'm moving out now."
Cory says, "Why? Because my mom told me that if you don't have sex with her that she will cut me off from all
 of her money."
You say, "Yes. And I'm afraid that the same thing might happen to you too. She doesn't want to share the money."
Cory says, "So what are you going to do about it?"
You say, "I don't know. But I won't be coming back. Goodbye."
She cries and yells:
"But why?! Why? Did I do something wrong?!"
You say, "No.

You lean in for a kiss with Cory's mom.

Her mom says, "Do you want to fuck me or not?"
You say, "Sure."
Her mom takes you into a closet.
She shuts the door and starts making out with you.

Your death note falls out of your pants on onto the closet floor. Cory's mom picks it up and says, "

Oh my God!"
Cory's mom is shocked to see a message that says: "SPIDER".
She says: "What? Is this some kind of joke?"
You say, "No.

Cory's mom tells that SPIDER was actually her best

 friend in high school. He had an older brother named Morbius who had an obsession with spiders. His parents were killed by a giant spider when he was just a boy.
Cory's mom takes the Death Note into the house so that no one sees it.

Cory's mom reprimands you for killing people with a notebook.

You try to explain to her that you are different. You use the Death Note for good instead of evil.
Cory's mom still isn't convinced.
A few days later, Cory's mom visits you at work where she gives you your last check to pay your bills.

You tell Cory's mom, "The pen is mightier than the fucking sword, you silly Shinigami biiiiitch"

Cory's mom laughs and hugs you goodbye.
A week later, you get a letter from your father telling you about how much he misses you and hopes that you will come home soon.
You cry because you miss him too.

You go and visit your estranged father who you had presumed dead. You ask your father why he didn't tell you he was alive the whole time and he tells you, "

I couldn't afford to buy a phone call to your mother."
You decide that it would be best if you stayed away from Cory.
You run into her at the supermarket.
You say to her: "Cory, can I talk to you for a minute?"

You receive a *bonk*.

You fall down and hit your head on something sharp.
You wake up to find that you are no longer in your own body.
You have become a ghost.
Cory's mom has become a ghost too.

The moral of the story:

 Sometimes we are the only people who are capable of seeing each other as a true reflection of our true selves.
Don't let your loved ones leave you.
You are a teenage girl who just turned fifteen.