Bobby Joe, a high school student with a giant head

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You are Bobby Joe, a high school student with a giant head. You get picked on for your giant head even though it means you've got a big brain and your super intelligent. You're the only one who can read all of those books in class without help. You're also the only one to do well in everything you try.

"What's wrong with me?"
> You join the deformed students club at your school. The president of the club is Jimmy Ray, a boy with one massive foot.
Jimmy Ray was the vice-president of the deformed students club at your school. He had one huge foot which made him look like he'd be better suited as a cheerleader than a member of such an unpopular group.
> You make a speech to the group and introduce yourself to everyone.
Your first day at your new school and you were nervous. The rest of the kids in the "special" classes knew each other but you didn't.
Jimmy Ray introduces you 10 of the fellow deformed students:
"That's Jane." He points to a girl with no ears.
"Hi," she says covering her face.
"She can't hear you."
"That's Billy." He points to a tall kid with a large overbite.
"Hi," Billy says with enthusiasm and shakes your hand.
"He thinks everyone loves him."
"That's Amanda."
"Hi," Amanda says shyly and smiles.
"She is shy and sweet, just don't take her out drinking or anything."
"That's Andy."
"Hi," Andy says with a nod.
"He's a good guy and likes to think he's tough but really he cried when Old Yeller died."
"That's me," you say, raising your hand.
"Oh, sorry," Jimmy says. "I forgot you were new".
"That's OK," you say. "I'm the new kid in school."
"Yeah, welcome to our little club."
"That's Mikey."
> You say "What is Mikey's deformity?"
"He's got a hare lip," Jane says.
"I'm not deformed," Mikey says.
"What is it then?" you ask.
"I've just got a hare lip."
You pull out your  Mario Fireball in the shape of a dildo. It lets you shoot sex toys from your fists. This is no kids game.
"Why are you holding a dildo?" Mikey asks, looking disgusted.
It's a dildo in the shape of a fire ball.
> You say "because I'm cool"
"Because I'm cool," you say, looking at your dildo.
"That's a dildo," Mikey says.
"Yeah, it's a Mario Fireball Dildo.
> You take the dildo to health class.
You pull down your pants and take your dildo out.
"What are you doing?!" Jane shouts.
"I'm taking my dildo to health class.
You take your dildo to the Baseball diamond.
"I need to work on my swing," you say.
The next 5 minutes is a montage of you going up to the plate and hitting home runs with your dildo.
The baseball coach sees you hitting home runs and offers you a spot on the team.   You accepted and with the help of your Mario Fireball Dildo, you go on to break every home run record in Little League history.
> You are drafted into Major League Baseball.
The scouts come to watch you play, the baseball coach tells them about your dildo. They laugh, but they also saw you hit a home run with it.
You get bullied in the locker room of L.A. Dodgers after your first MLB game.
"You little bitch, you're going to take it up the ass because you hit a home run with a dildo?" a big man says.
> You speak to the big man in your native Vietnamese.
"Tôi không thể nói được nhưng tôi sẽ cắn chúng ta,"
The Big Man says, "I don't know what the hell that means!" and pushed you over.
You decide to try and change the subject.
"Are the Dodgers always this mean?
another big man shove you and say "yes you little bitch, we are always mean!"
"Why are they mean?"
"Because we can be," the first big man says and high fives the second big man.
> You hit them with your powerful dildo.
Your dildo shoots out of your crotch as you fall to the ground. You stand up and hit the first big man in the face with your dildo.
 Mark Cuban walks in and shouts "Break it up motherfuckers!"  He hits the first big man in the face with a clipboard. As they fight Cuban says "Get him Don Zimmer!"
Don Zimmer dies in the commotion. When The first big man is done beating up the scouts he picks up your dildo and says "This is the greatest thing I've ever seen!"
You realize you're in trouble.
The big man swings the dildo at your head and your head deflates.
You've reached the "Good End" of Jojo's Fashion Summer.
The moral of the story: Be Yourself.
Thanks for playing and have a great summer!