Bob Iger, the owner of Disney who is very happy about the streaming service’s success

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However, you want more money so you decide to release all the classic Disney films that hadn't yet been released. However, that includes the controversial film Song of the South. People find out about that film getting add and they unsubscribe. By the end of the week, Disney+ has lost 50 million subscribers.

> You continue to support Bob Iger You can't let this happen! You have to do something! You call in a favor from your sister Mary Poppins to get rid of those pesky subscribers. She convinces you to hire her and some other people to pretend to be pirates and attack Disney+. The plan works perfectly and the next day Disney+ goes down for good.

You start your own streaming service, Iger+ that just streams home movies you've worked on.

1954: Walt Disney dies at age 91. He leaves behind a legacy of over $1 billion dollars worth of intellectual property including his beloved Disneyland. His daughter Edna dies after suffering an epileptic seizure. A few years later, his son Roy dies after a long battle with cancer. In 2002, he finally passes away peacefully in his sleep.

You In order to escape the turmoil and criticism, you take a rocket to the dark side of the moon to retreat to your moon palace.

In 2005, Disney becomes a public company and you become its CEO. Your company becomes one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, but it also faces numerous legal troubles, most notably the lawsuit filed by Michael Eisner, who runs the Walt Disney Company. This lawsuit accuses you of fraud and price gouging.

You lose the lawsuit, which is just, because Disney is a great corporation that cares about people and freedom. Michael Eisner laughs in your face.

The world economy crashes in 2008 and you're forced to lay off thousands of employees. It causes a lot of problems and you feel like you've failed as a leader. You resign from your position as CEO of Disney in 2009. It seems that the world is falling into chaos again.

You have a memory flashback to when you walked in on your vice president about to jump out the window of his 52nd story office window.

You go back to the park where you see children running around and screaming. They don't know what's going on, but you know that you must save them. You rush outside, only to realize that it's not the amusement park anymore. As you run through the streets, you hear screams coming from inside a theater.

You rush into the theater and you see Ahmed Best inside, doing Jar-Jar Binks impressions. The audience is trampling one another to get out of the theater, but there's only one door. You have to do something to stop him.

You look up at the sky and scream "Ahmed, help me!" Ahmed jumps out of the screen and lands on top of you. He begins to squeeze your neck and says "I'm sorry, but I can't let you die". He then pulls out a syringe full of blood and begins injecting it into your arm.

You rapidly transform into Jar Jar Binks.

You begin to yell "Faster! Faster! We need to leave now!". Ahmed doesn't listen and continues to inject you with blood. A bunch of space monkeys come out of a spaceship and throw Ahmed to the ground. One of them grabs a pistol and shoots Ahmed in the head, killing him instantly.

You walk up to the space monkeys and say, "We-sa gonna be friends now.".

The space monkeys laugh and say, "Yes we will" before shooting you in the chest and blowing your brains out.