Blue’s Clues of the North Star

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You are Steve from Blue's Clues. You are having a fun game of Blue's Clues with your dog Blue. Blue skidoos into a painting, and you follow her. The new environment is not what you expected. It's a dark, foggy swamp. Corpses hang from the trees. Blood trails lead in and out of the water. Strange artifacts made of twisted branches litter the landscape. Blue is nowhere to be found. For a moment, the fog parts enough for you to see an old stone building in the distance. A dim light beckons from inside it.
 Your heart races as you sprint toward the building. Just before you reach its door, something grabs hold of your ankle. You fall hard on the ground, landing face first. Before you can even react, you feel rough hands dragging you across wet leaves by your hair.

You don't know what is dragging you, but you break free long enough for you to break out your skateboard and pop a kickflip.
 You race up some stairs that end at another door. As soon as this one opens, the creature drags you through it and slams the door shut behind you. In front of you lies a large table with a white cloth covering it.

You hear a voice from the darkness, "Come play with us Steve. forever, and ever and ever."

The room is filled with strange creatures; some human-like and others more bestial. Some wear black robes, while others have animal hides or armor plating. All are smiling, but their eyes seem dead.

The dress you in a pile of Cory from AIPD's clothes which are covered in dog turds.
 You look down at yourself and realize you've been dragged all over the floor. You brush off your pants and start to leave when a hand grabs your arm. You turn around to find a tall man dressed like a wizard.

You ask the Wizard, "Is this the first clue?"

He smiles and says, "No Steve. We have many clues. This is just the beginning. But I must warn you. Don't take any chances. If they catch you, there will be no escape."

You reply, "oh come on, where are the Film Crew when we need them? I don't want to get fired for low TV ratings! I don't want to go back to being a Vacuum cleaner Salesman!"

"Steve," he laughs, "I think you may be the only person who thinks that way. But you're right. We could use some help. And you'll get paid well for it."

The Wizard claps his hands together and summons "help".  Into the room enter 2
 other wizards, a woman and a man. Both are dressed in purple robes. They each carry a staff and a crystal ball.
The Wizard says, "Welcome. My name is Master. These two are my assistants.
 Please sit down."
You both smile at you and say, "We are here to serve you."
Master continues, "Your job today is simple. You will follow me around the table.
 You will watch what happens and remember everything. When the time comes, you will bring me whatever item is needed to complete the next step of the puzzle."
"Yes sir," they say.
Master picks up a crystal ball and tosses it to you.

You look into the crystal ball and see the hacker from the hit TV show Cyberchase.
 He has a big grin on his face and is holding up a keyboard.
You are confused for a second until you remember that you were supposed to bring him an item. You grab the crystal ball and run after Master.

You follow Master into the muggy swamp and stumble across your second clue:
 "A swampy place with lots of weird creatures. The main attraction is a creepy old house with a bunch of crypts and graves."
You glance at the Crypts and Grave and see that the crypts are filled with skeletons.

You call out for Blue.
 No one answers. You are alone in the swamp.
You continue following Master and bump into your third clue: "At the edge of the swamp is a crumbling stone wall. There are some broken statues near it."

You notice on one of the broken statues is Blue's collar. 
e must be nearby!
 You race through the swamp to the statue and find Blue lying unconscious. She is bleeding from the head. You pick her up and try to rush back to the house.
But you trip over a root and fall.

You ask the Wizard is there anything you can do to save Blue and the wizard points at the Pet Cemetery.  The Wizard tells you that is no ordinary Pet Cemetery and that anything buried there will come back.

You run to the cemetery and dig frantically. You find nothing.
You return to the Wizard and tell him that Blue was hurt.
The Wizard looks at you and says, "You did good Steve.
 Now go find the rest of the items. We have much work ahead of us."
You thank the Wizard and dash off to find the last clue.
You run past the swamp and reach the edge of the swamp.
 You look down and see a crumbling stone wall. On the wall is a broken statue.
You climb over the wall and see a graveyard filled with gravestones.
You walk down the rows of graves looking for Blue.

You find the last clue on a gigantic statue of
 a dragon. It reads: "Near the end of the graveyard is a large, green statue. Near it is a small stone monument with a name carved into it. The grave belongs to a very special pet."

You read the names on the stones and find the grave belonging to Blue.
You pull Blue out of the grave and carry her to the dragon statue.
You put Blue on the ground and kneel beside her.

As you place Blue next to the dragon statue, the statue begins to resonate and Blue begins to glow and then
You stand up and stare at the dragon statue.
The Wizard says, "That's all of the clues. Go home now."
You turn around and see the 3 wizards standing behind you.

You suspect the Wizards tricked you into sacrificing your dog to this weird dragon statue, so you attack the dragon statue and attempt to break it.

After several attempts, you finally succeed.
You feel a great surge of energy flow through you and you become aware of a strange sensation.
You open your eyes and realize you are no longer in the swamp but somewhere else entirely.

It is night.
All around you are millions upon millions of stars.
You hear the sound of waves lapping against the shore and smell the fresh sea air.
You stand up and look around.

You see a giant ghostly dragon flying over the the beach.  It lands and walks up to you and says, "The chosen one!"

You say, "What?"
The dragon laughs and says, "You are the chosen one! I have waited a long time for someone like you to come along. Someone who is strong enough to defeat me.

You ask about Blue.

The dragon laughs again and says, "She was just bait to get you here. She is gone now."
You ask if he will give you the power to destroy him.
He laughs and says, "I am already dead.

You say, "omae wa mou shindeiru!" and begin to punch at the ghost dragon with a flurry of blows.

The dragon dodges each blow and counterattacks.
The fight goes on for a few minutes before you manage to land a lucky hit on the dragon's chest.
Immediately, the dragon explodes into a shower of sparks.

Your vision goes blurry for a moment before you are returned to the swamp.  The Wizards look terrified and promise to do anything to avoid your wrath!

They beg for mercy.
You laugh and say, "Mercy? Mercy for what? You tricked me into destroying my own friend!"
Blue comes running up to you and jumps into your arms.

You rage subsides and you are reunited with your best friend Blue.

You embrace her tightly and cry.
You tell her how sorry you are for attacking the dragon and she assures you that she forgives you.
You promise to never leave her side again.

Next time on "Blue's Clues of the North Star":

Will the 2 new pets help you defeat the evil spirit?
* * *
Anime version: In episode 4, a girl named Yukari (played by Nana Mizuki) appears and helps Blue find the Spirit of Christmas Past.