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I am Killy. I've been climbing up the labyrinthine, massive structure of Blasphemo. It's unknown just how deep or how tall the terrifying, almost majestic mechanical expanse climbs. At times it's a series of claustrophobic halls and alleys that climb or descend seemingly forever, metal ripped from the walls by cybernetic claws of some synthetic abomination. At other times, I find wide stretches of unspeakably beautiful mechanical landscape. I may see colossal constructs repairing or building onto machinery that stretches for miles around with unimaginable purpose, or hundreds of small drones flying like flocks of birds inside metal domes that stretch as far as the horizon reaches. I steadily climb. I've been travelling upwards for years and years to reach the top of Blasphemo with no end in sight. My footsteps echo down the metallic, claustrophobic hall. Wires hanging down spark with blue electrical discharges and the sound of whining circuits hum constantly in your ears. I'm searching for a way to stop the growth of Blasphemo. That was my purpose, although I've long forgotten who gave me that purpose. All I've seen is horror after horror, atrocities and nightmares.

I step through a massive archway covered in strange markings I don't recognize. In front of me are two towers that must be hundreds of feet tall, looming over me and drabbed in stone robes. They, like everything in this sector of Blasphemo, are worn and decayed from centuries of abandonment. The Constructors have long moved on, only concerned with building new structures to expand the city. There is a massive staircase in front of me, flanked by dozens of rising silver spires that once served some purpose for some unfathomably large machine that has long since stopped working. I draw my pistol as I scan the area, and begin to slowly climb.
 Strange mechanical creatures lurk behind every corner. Huge white beasts lumber across the ground where they stand still as statues. More robotic constructions roam endlessly around them. A few even approach, but never do more than look at me with their blank glass eyes before turning away again.
I continue to make it up the stairs until I come upon an open door leading into another corridor that goes downward towards the center

You look towards the center and see something strange that stands out in the landscape of metal and wires: it is a large tree.
 It is much larger then any other structure in the vast network, easily towering above you like a giant redwood. On its trunk sit a series of weirdly shaped machines, similar to those found in old science fiction movies, all with various tubes and pipes attached to them. Some appear broken, others seem incomplete.

You walk closer to the tree and hear something speak to you:
 "Hello." You turn back and there, sitting inside one of the devices, sits a small robot that appears almost human. Its head is flat, with two round black eyes and four arms ending in hands covered in strange cybernetics that give off a faint blue glow. The speaker looks over his shoulder.

You tell the small robot, "I am Killy.  What is your name?"
 His voice sounds very odd, like he has no vocal cords or lungs. He says nothing else, merely staring at you and appearing uninterested as if this exchange was just part of some routine test.
"Come on!" A loud bell rings through the room, echoing from somewhere far below ground.

You look down and see a giant pit.  At the bottom you notice and old woman in rags is motioning you to climb down and follow her.
 She disappears into the darkness. You start walking towards the edge.
It suddenly starts raining rocks and debris as a huge metallic fist swings downwards and strikes the side of the tower behind the massive door that leads upwards. A blast of energy explodes outward, sending chunks of stone flying everywhere. Your body jerks backwards and hits the floor hard, knocking the wind out of you.

You wake up in a bed in some underground tunnel.  The old woman notices you have finally awoken and gives you some gruel to eat.

"...You awake now?
* *
The next morning you are awakened by a soft light shining upon you, illuminating the wooden walls of what seems like an ancient chapel. The ceiling is high above and ornately carved with religious imagery. Strange runes cover every inch, but none seem familiar.

You say to the old woman, "This is a church, seems kind of silly that we used to believe in such a thing.  If only the priests of the past could have seen what the future would actually become..."
 The last sentence causes both of you chuckle as she pours hot water over your head for another quick wash. You quickly get dressed after a brief shower and begin making breakfast when you hear the sound of someone banging on the heavy doors outside. It appears they must still be working this early in the day, and it sounds like their supervisor wants them to work even harder.

You open the door and look out to a huge underground city filled with survivors!
 There is no order or organization here whatsoever—there isn't any need. Everyone helps everyone else without question.  They share everything equally. Some people wear ragged clothes, while others will dress in lavish attire that screams wealth. No one looks at anyone differently because of the way they appear. In fact, many of these new companions were once complete strangers before the great plague struck Blasphemo and
 forced everybody into survival mode.
"I am Killy." You shout across the vast room as loud as you can. A young man who appeared to have been waiting turns around and walks towards where he heard your voice coming from. He has wild black hair and wears a red shirt with gray pants.
 His eyes are blue and his skin is tanned. "My name is Dared, I was the first person to survive the fall of the Tower of Despair. What about you?"
"...Killed in the fight against the machines...Dare," You answer him quietly. Both of you pause for a moment looking out upon all those assembled below.

You ask Dared what you can do for work around here.  Dared tells you that he has the perfect job for you:
 "They want me to go up to the surface and gather supplies and goods. It should take less than two days if we make good time. After some talking, it seems like there is enough food and water to last us until spring comes back again. We don't really know how long this could keep happening since nobody knows why or when 'the gods' will stop destroying our world.

You agree to help Dared on this mission.  Dared gives you some self defense weapons that are super effective against the machines:
 guns with ammunition powerful enough to rip through their armor. They also gave you a few clips of ammo and told you to come right back.
A bell rings throughout the city as you walk out to catch a ride down into town. As you approach, you notice an enormous group in front of one particular building—a large tower that looks very familiar somehow.

You know this tower as it has the company logo scrawled across it.  This tower belongs to Amazon.
 The people waiting for rides look nervous and worried at the same time, but they seem happy to see you coming. One of them says something in your direction then walks off quickly towards another set of riders. A moment later a small hovercraft buzzes past overhead. 
"Killy!" You hear her voice echo faintly over the speakers.
 She sounds distressed. "I am so glad you're okay! There were rumors you'd survived...please tell me you didn't have anything awful happen to you?"
"...Nope," You answer. "Nothing too serious."  Something about hearing Anna-Maria speak makes everything feel better and calmer again.

You tell Dared to hold on for moment before you head to the surface.  You rush up the tower and embrace Anna-Maria; it has been so long since you last saw her.
 Although she is not quite what you remember, still you cannot help smiling upon seeing how much more beautiful this version of her seems. Her dark hair hangs below the neckline of a white blouse that shows some cleavage. In fact, all of you are dressed similarly in light clothing—you can hardly believe such things used to be available here.