“Big” Sam Drob, a wrestler who despite his name is only 4’8″ tall

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You are "Big" Sam Drob, a wrestler who despite his name is only 4'8" tall. You are getting ready for your big match in ReinDrob Wrestling Entertainment against the reigning World champion: Dr ReinDroblet.

The crowd is absolutely insane about this match and you have to fight off a few fans trying to get into the ring with you. The announcers are also hyping it up as well.
> You the referee whispers that he wants you to throw the match.
You look at the ref and see him looking at you with concern. He then says something to the effect of "I want you to throw this match." You think about what he said for a moment before replying.
> You say "I play to win" then body slam the ref.
You charge the ref and slams him to the ground, quickly followed by a charge from the other ref.
Hundreds of refs charge the stage and you body slam them all until you are standing out a mountain of bodies. You then grab the title and begin to scale it. The fans give you a very heavy applause.
The other ref who called for the no DQ match then runs over to you.
> You climb a rope and ascend to the top of the stadium.  The crowd loves you.
The fans give you even more applause as you scale the stadium. Finally you reach the top of the tower, where you are met by a massive explosion. A ball of fire flies down from the sky and engulfs you.
> You shoot out a massive amount of diarrhea, extinguishing the flames and raining poo-poo down on the people below.
Your bowels release a massive amount of diarrhea which hits the stadium with incredible force, resulting in an explosion of excrement.
The crowd loves the spectacle, and descending from the roof on wires is Dr. Reindroblet. Dr. Reindroblet yells "I'm gonna break you in half Baw-God" and then charges at you.
You dodge and Dr. Reindroblet crashes through a section of roof, taking out several rows of seats. The crowd goes wild as you take advantage of the situation.
> You beat Dr. Reindroblet senseless with a metal folding chair.
You pick up a metal folding chair and charge Dr. Reindroblet, knocking him to the floor. He tries to get up, but you quickly stomp on his head, shattering it.
Hundreds of spider like nanobots flow out of Dr Reindroblet's neck. They quickly latch on to the onlookers eyes, transforming them into spider like machines.
You then smile and laugh as you watch the people being turned into robots dance in unison to whatever tune that is inside their heads.
That tune?  Famous pop song: Da Doo Ron Ron.
You laugh as you realize you just pop- Corps.
> You say "The ref rules that Reindroblet has to give Sam nanobots too."
The crowd goes wild for the win.
Dr. Reindroblet is carried out on a stretcher, still screaming about how you will suffer for what you did to him. The crowd loves it.
> You hold up the title belt and giving the following speech to the crowd:
"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the first episode of ReinDrob Wrestling! I would like to introduce you to your main event! Ladies and gentlemen, the reigning ReinDrob Wrestling Entertainment Champion, Sam Drob!"
The moral of the story: If you want to make a killing on the indie scene, you need to stick with your roots, even if others try to tell you that the game is changing.