Bev Crumbly, a woman who’s feeling sick but decided to go to a fast food place anyways

Posted under Episode 130, Story On By Chief

After getting two fries, you start to feel even sicker. You feel like you need to vomit, but you don't think you have enough time to get to the bathroom, so you vomit all over another guy's meal. Afterwards, you feel like you need to pee, so you urinate in the guy's drink.

The next day, you feel like your stomach is going to explode and you want to die.

You feel a rumbling in your stomach and see an alien baby monster punch a hole through your stomach and it crawls out and says to you...

"I'm sorry for killing you". "What?" "It was my first kill and I didn't know what else to do". "No, no, it's okay. It's just that when you killed that guy, I felt really bad about it. So I thought maybe if we ever meet again, I could help you with something".

You say "All I want is cheeseburgers, you keep giving me those, and I'll be your host for as long as you want!"

> You stay The Alien Baby Monster smiles at you and says "Okay then, let's do this". He grabs your hand and pulls you up into the air where he holds on tightly while he makes his way down to where you're sitting. Suddenly, he stops and looks back up at you. "Are you sure you don't want to eat some of these burgers?"

You say "Those look like alien eggs, are you sure those are burgers?"

He smiles and nods. "Well, I guess they're aliens". After eating most of them, you ask him how he knows what they are. He tells you that he has been watching you for years, since you were born. He also says that he can sense other people's thoughts and emotions. Then he asks you if you want to hear more about yourself.

You say "yes, tell me more about myself"

The Alien Baby Monster begins to talk about himself, saying he used to be a human child, until one day he saw a UFO land nearby. A man came out of it and said "Come with me, I will take care of you". When the man left, the child began to cry. He asked the boy why he was crying.

You say "Ok Ok, enough about your backstory, tell me more about myself."

The Alien Baby Monster tells you that he once lived in a house. He had a dog, and he loved the dog. One night, the dog died. He cried a lot, but eventually went back to sleep. That's when he heard a voice inside his head. It told him to leave the house and find a new home.

The alien reads your thoughts and knows you are frustrated, so he stops talking about himself and buys you more hamburgers. While you are eating, the alien baby monster keeps sneaking alien eggs into your mouth. After you finish eating, you realize you are pregnant with about 100 alien babies. You start vomiting all over the restaurant.

The alien baby monster notices this and gets very upset. He runs away from the restaurant and cries. Eventually, he goes back to his normal self and leaves the area. Afterwards, you feel tired and weak. You want to die, but you decide that you should live anyway.

You decide to really live.

> You continue living Afterwards, you wake up in bed and remember everything that happened yesterday. You are still very confused by everything though. The only thing that is clear is that you are pregnant with alien babies.

You start giving birth, you're gonna needs some milkshakes to get through this.

After giving birth, you feel like you want to die. You feel like you are dying and you want to die quickly, but you can't because you feel like you should live forever.

You feed your 100 alien baby monsters by whipping out your tits and letting them suckle to their hearts content.

Eventually, you give birth to 200 alien babies.

You have a heart attack.

You pass out and you feel like you've passed out for hours before someone finally comes in to check on you.

You fake your own death.