Beanie Miller, pitcher on a local little league team

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You are getting ice cream with the team after the semifinal game.

> You go to the hospital You decide that you want to be at the hospital, because it is where all of your friends and family are. "I'm going to the hospital!" The nurse looks surprised by your decision, but she doesn't say anything. She takes your medical history and then asks if you have any allergies. "No".

You go to the coma ward to visit your parents.

They are both in their mid-fifties. Your father is a retired doctor who works as an ER doc. His wife has been working as a receptionist at a bank for the past few years. Both of them are very laid back about everything. Your mother says nothing except that she loves you.

You go visit your girlfriend Lisa, who lives in the cancer ward of the hospital.

You don't know her too well since you haven't seen each other much lately. You see her every now and then when she comes over to watch TV or play video games with you. When Lisa sees you, she smiles and gives you a hug. Your mom tells you that she wants to take you out for pizza later. "Mom?" you ask.

You say "You're awake?" You shout excitedly, "Oh mother! You're awake! I have so much to tell you. I'm a pitcher and I had heart surgery. Are you proud?"

You hear your mom's voice say. Your mom is completely still. Her eyes look like they are staring through you. She slowly nods her head. Then she speaks again. "Yes". "What happened? How did you get here?" Your mom continues to nod her head. "It was my birthday today. I wanted to spend it with you".

You run to tell the nurses, but you trip on your sister's urn and temporarily knock yourself unconscious.

When you come to, you are lying down in bed with your Mom. She is wearing a white gown and holding a crucifix. She holds you tightly. "Don't worry son, we will meet again". "I love you Mommy". Your Mom smiles and kisses you on the forehead. "Goodnight sweetheart". She leaves you there to sleep.

"See you Again" by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth starts to play and your mom fades into the ether. "This sucks," you think, "and on my birthday no less!"

A little while later, you wake up. You realize that you are in the room where you used to sleep in before you were put in the coma. It is late afternoon and the sun is shining brightly on the room. There are some bookshelves in the room, but none of them are open. You can see some people walking around outside, but nobody is coming inside.

You press the call button for the nurse. You want someone to keep you company.

"Hello? Is this Mr. Smith? Yes, I am the nurse here. What's your name?" "My name is John". The nurse looks confused for a moment. "OK, what do you need from me?" "I would like to talk to you". "Well, OK. I'll try to accommodate you". You hang up the phone.

You get a call from your little league team. They are in the championship and they need you to pitch! You have the hospital role out your bed to the stadium. Everyone gives you a standing ovation, but you know it's just a pity clap. You take the pitcher's mound.

You throw a ball right at the catcher's mitt. He catches it. The crowd roars. The game ends in a tie. The score is 4 - 0 . "I've never won a game like this before". You sit in silence. Suddenly, you feel a presence behind you. A man walks up to you. He wears glasses.

The man is your father. He is pissed off. He says, "Where is your mother? I woke up from my coma and imagine my surprise when my wife isn't there." He goes to punch you.

But he stops himself. He turns around and addresses you. "Son, why didn't you tell me you were sick? We could've taken care of you better. Why didn't you tell us that you lost your job? That's why I took you out of school. Because I loved you more than anything. And you know how important your mother is to you right?"

You hug your dad and say "I love you dad" and the crowd cheers.

> You tell him the truth You explain to your Dad that you lost your job because the owner wanted to buy a new machine instead of keeping it running. You also mention that you got sick and your mom died. Your Dad is really upset now. He yells at you saying that you should be ashamed of yourself. He storms off crying.

You run after your dad. He apologizes for being mad at you. "Finding out your a widower and that you have mesothelioma on the same day is tough.".

He asks if you want to marry him. You say yes. He accepts the proposal. Your Dad has been an amazing husband ever since.

You divorce your father and take half his money in the divorce. You have a good lawyer.

Your life is good now.