Bart Von Schraub, a VFX Artist that specializes in cropping out the homeless from movies shot in Los Angeles

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Your film company is working on a new superhero movie, but the homeless have taken over the streets. You are going to be very busy this next year... unless you do something about it.

> You go back to your job You decide that there has been too much of a change and that you need to return to your normal life. You are not sure if you can handle all the people now around you though. The only thing you know for certain is that you will never get used to them again. So you pack up everything you own and leave town.

You move back to Austin and live with your parents. You set up a VFX lab in their basement and get to work on a solution to erasing homeless people.

Year 20 The world has changed quite a bit since you left. It seems like the homeless population has grown even more. Not just here in America, but everywhere. In fact, they seem to be coming to the city where you grew up as well. There is no place you would rather be right now than home.

You develop a drink that makes homeless people temporarily invisible.

This works wonders when trying to catch criminals or apprehend someone who has stolen a car. But then one day, you accidentally release a bunch of homeless into the real world. They have completely overrun the area around your house, and they are attacking anyone that tries to defend themselves. You try to fight off the attack, but you feel sick every time you see one of them.

You realize you have to go undercover to stop the homeless problem. You drink your own solution and become invisible.

Then you go out into the world and tell everyone what happened at your house. Everyone believes you and starts helping you fight off the homeless. Soon, the homeless population has decreased drastically. The last few years have been good ones for you. You have made a lot of money thanks to your new found powers, and you have a nice house to call your own. Life is good!

You write a screenplay where the homeless are wiped out of existence. It is made into a movie and you win an Oscar for best writing. People have become fiercely anger to homeless that they have almost completely been eliminated... except for one, The Homeless Avenger.

He still lives in the same trailer park he was born in and he hasn't moved out yet. The Homeless Avenger decides to take matters into his own hands and create a giant robot army to wipe out the homeless once and for all. This plan involves building a huge base called "Homeless World" which is located in the middle of nowhere.

You rename The Homeless Avenger. He is now The Homeless Revenger. You travel to Homeless World to see what's going on there.

The Homeless Avenger enters Homeless World and finds nothing there. Then he sees a giant sign saying "HOMELESS WORLD". He thinks its hilarious that nobody ever goes to this place, so he decides to test his theory by entering. Suddenly, a large group of zombies come out of the ground and begin attacking him. They are armed with machine guns and rocket launchers.

You are faced with an incredible dilema. Do you team up with the Zombies to kill all the homeless, or do you team up with the homeless to kill all the zombies?

> You help the Homeless Avenger Kill the Homeless You join forces with the homeless and together we defeat the zombies. After defeating the zombie hordes, you find out that the Homeless Avenger had built a secret underground bunker underneath Homeless World. Inside the Bunker you discover that he has created a whole new kind of human-zombie hybrid called the Homicidal Zombie.

You say "You won't get away with this, Homeless Avenger!"

The Homeless Avenger laughs at your comment and says "Yeah I'll get away with it. I'm better than you anyway". You shoot the Homicidal Zombie with a flamethrower. The Homicidal Zombie explodes killing everyone inside. You look at the dead bodies and think "What am I doing?"

You count the number of dead bodies.

Its 3. You realize now why you were scared of the homeless before. You turn to leave, but suddenly you hear a voice behind you "Hey, don't go yet". A man dressed in black clothing approaches you. He looks like the homeless guy, but he has a beard instead of a moustache and wears glasses. He walks slowly towards you.

You say "Describe a homeless person to me."

> You describe a homeless person The homeless guy turns around and stares at you. He doesn't respond. He continues staring at you until you run out of gas.

You tell the Homeless Avenger that there's no getting rid of the homeless, so he should just try accepting them.

The Homeless Avenger smiles and says "Well, I guess you're right. Thanks for the advice..". You walk away thinking about how you could've handled things differently.

You start a VFX shop where you add homeless people to existing movies to raise awareness. You raise a lot of money for the cause and try to get Homeless World shutdown.

Eventually the government shuts it down. You can't believe you lost everything because of a couple of guys who wanted to live the simple life. Your life is over. You never again will be able to afford a house, cars, or other luxuries. You end up living in a cardboard box in the garage for years. Years pass and you die of natural causes.

You transition to the afterlife and discover there are homeless ghosts as well.

Everyone in the afterlife is homeless if you really think about it. An angel approaches and tells you that you need to prove yourself in a test - you've done a lot of bad, but he has a bet with the other angels that you can change. You are sent back to Earth and appear on a bridge. Snow is falling, you realize it is Christmas Eve.

You look at the homeless people on the bridge and wonder if you should give them presents or not.

You decide to give all the homeless people presents. You give everyone an you owe you card that's worth one free home. Then you jump off the bridge into the freezing water.

You are killed instantly.

You are transported back to heaven, where the angels yell at you. They send you back to the same point in time and punish you by changing your name to Clarence.

They then ask you why you did such evil deeds.

You say "What would you do?".

> You explain yourself You explain that you were angry that society didn't care enough about the poor and downtrodden and decided to make a difference. You also mention that you don't want to be punished for what you did. An angel named Michael appears and asks you why you did such evil deeds.

You say "Michael, what would you do in my situation?"

> You admit you are a villainous scumbag! You admit that you ARE a villainous scumbag! You apologize for your actions and ask forgiveness. You are forgiven and you are released from Heaven.

You are shot out of a black hole into the expanding universe. Life begins again.

Life begins anew...