Android Frog Detective – You are Gorf, the frog detective.

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You are Gorf, the frog detective. You are trying to solve the mystery of the missing K9000, your search has led you to Vatican City
 and you have been told that the Pope is expecting you.
The game starts with you waking up in a hotel room in Rome. There is an envelope on the nightstand which contains a letter from the Pope.
 You open and read the letter out loud:
Dear Gorf, I hope this message finds you well.
I am very pleased to tell you that you have been accepted as an honorary member of the Knights Templar.
 You join the Knights Templar and tell them about the mystery your are currently trying to solve.  The Pope tells you that is also the highest priority of the Knights Templar: finding K9000.  The Pope tells you everything they know about K9000's disappearance:
-K9000 was last seen by a group of monks who were looking for gold coins
-The monks were killed when their boat capsized near the island of St.
 Diediedead.  You investigate the island.
-You find a treasure chest hidden in the cave where the monks died. Inside the chest are several ancient coins. You return to Rome.
-After some time, you receive a message from the Pope asking if you found any clues about K9000.
 You tells the Pope about the coins and then you notice one of the coins has a very strange symbol that matches one of the building in Rome.  You sneak into the building at night and find K9000 in the middle of some ritual.
 He is tied to a chair and the ritual is being performed by a man dressed like a monk who is holding a knife to his throat. The man is ordering him to perform the ritual but he refuses. The man is about to kill him when he notices you.
 Hooded figures chase you through the streets of Rome and eventually corner you in an alleyway.
 They tie you up and throw you into a nearby river. You wake up in the hospital.
Your doctor tells you that you have been poisoned and that your liver is failing. Your body is riddled with internal parasites, most likely caused by the water in the river.
 You tell the Doctor, "No those were there for a while and I tried to kill them by becoming an alcoholic, but guess that didn't work!"  You have 3 weeks left to live and you plan to breakout K9000 from it's prison.
The game continues...
-K9000 escapes and the doctors try to save him but they fail. The doctors are too late. K9000 is dead.
-You are sentenced to death in Rome. You decide to escape. You take a boat across the ocean to France.
 You evade capture and meet K9000's French brother wearing a beret named
 Léon. They set off on a quest to find the treasure of K9000.
The game continues...
-Léon finds the treasure. It is buried deep under a mountain and will only be found by digging. He digs and discovers the treasure.
 You open the treasure box and are surprised that it's contents are not gold or riches, but
 rather a note from the Pope. The Pope tells you that you have been awarded the title of Grand Master of the Knights Templar. You accept the title and then Léon takes you to the Vatican.
-You enter the building and see the Pope and his guards.
 Then it hits you like a sack of wet diapers: this was all a setup by the Pope and only you have the proof!  You call out the Pope and ask him why he did this.
 He tells you that he had to do something to stop the Knights Templar from killing him. He tells you that the Pope was tired of the Templars being so powerful and wanted to bring them down.
 The Pope is also an AI!
  He says that he will send a robot to pick you up and take you back to Rome. You agree and the robot picks you up and drives you back to Rome.
-You get back to the hotel room and open the envelope. Inside is the truth: the Pope is an android.
 The Pope captured K9000 for one reason:
 revenge. He has been trying to find a way to kill the Pope for years. When he found out that the Pope was an AI, he decided to use the Pope's weakness against him. He created you and programmed you to kill the Pope.
 You pull aside your frog skin revealing that you are also and Android!
The game continues...
-You and Léon start the mission to destroy the Vatican City. You take the robot with you. The robots are equipped with a nuclear bomb. They will blow up the city if anything happens to them.
 A dog barks in a nearby window scaring the robot and triggering an early detonation.
 You and Léon run for your lives. Léon gets hit by a car but you manage to escape.
-You hide in a church and wait for the robot to arrive. You see the robot approaching and look to your left. You see a large dog running after you.
 Mission accomplished.  The moral of the story:
 avoid dogs at all costs.
The game ends...