Among Us Pregnancy Simulator

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You are Red Crewpostor, a fool.
 You have no authority to give orders here. Your job is to keep your eyes and ears open, not act like the captain of this ship." The man's voice was low but hard. He held his pistol trained on her as he spoke, and she wondered how far away from her he stood


You tell the woman, "Sus."
 She will know what you mean by that word. And I am sure Sus knows who I am. But they do not know my name yet...
"What?" Lucretia gasped at him, flushing in anger.

You tell Lucretia that this woman is sus and potentially the imposter that is sabotaging the space ship.
 If it is true, then we must deal with her carefully—and quickly. Otherwise, our lives may be endangered. That is why I need your help. It would be dangerous for me to go alone into the ship right now.

You say, "We need to get this ship to AIPD headquarters."

The man snorted. "I don't care if there are ten thousand people down there or only one person. There's nothing we can do about them until we get back to Earth. We'll wait here for the shuttle to come rescue us.

You and Lucretia head to a terminal to do some maintenance work.  You are met by Suus, a surprisingly trustworthy man.
 After several hours of conversation, you learn that the woman Sus is actually an alien named Eleanora, who has been posing as Lucretia for years. You decide to let her continue to pose as Lucretia.

You convince your fellow crewmates to kill Eleanora on the grounds that she is just too damn suspicious.
 In fact, you even suggest that maybe she is really the saboteur. They all agree with your assessment, so you order everyone to stay together and watch each other's backs.
Your next priority is getting out of this station alive.

You call for a vote in the common room.  As soon as Eleanora shows up you shoot her in the head.
 Then you grab Lucretia and make your way to the airlock. You hear shouting behind you, but you don't look back.
Eleanora's death does not solve any problems for you.

You put Eleanora's body in the airlock, but the door shuts before you can get out.  You look at Lucretia as she laughs and opens the airlock ejecting you into space.  Lucretia is the imposter!

You fall through space, screaming for help. You feel something hit you hard. You pass out. When you wake up, you are floating in a small space. There is another airlock around you.

By dumb luck you were hit him space debris and saved by being thrown into another airlock that somehow managed to seal and save your life.  You have to find a way to warn the others.  You hack the terminal and sneak back into the ship.

You realize that Lucretia must have planned for this. She had placed the airlock inside the cargo hold. You crawl into the airlock and pull yourself along the wall toward the hatch.

Lucretia enters, but does not see you climb on the rafters in the ceiling.  You remain incredibly still and silent, but beads up sweat drip from your forehead.

You try to reach the hatch controls, but Lucretia grabs your hand and pulls you into the cargo bay. She locks the door behind her.
You hear a loud crash, followed by silence.

You get in a fist fight with Lucretia.  You suspect she has sabotaged the ship to self destruct, but if you can defeat her, you can disarm it!

After several minutes of fighting, Lucretia throws you across the room. You land hard against a bulkhead.
She stands over you, smiling cruelly. "Oh, you're such a little girl.

You get back up and notice a crate of weapons next to you.  You open the crate and arm yourself with:

A stun gun.
An axe.
A knife.
You start to run towards Lucretia, but she trips you with her foot. You roll forward and hit your head on the floor.

Lucretia stands over your body about to finish you off when you quickly pull out your taser and shock Lucretia with full power!

Lucretia falls to the ground unconscious.
You take the time to examine the unconscious Lucretia.
You turn her over and discover that she is pregnant.
You think about what you should do with her.

You put Lucretia into the airlock and prepare to jettison her into the void space to die.  However, you can't bring yourself to do it because she is pregnant.  You leave her locked in the airlock as a makeshift prison.  She wakes up and you try to negotiate with her.

You explain that you will release her into space if she agrees to give up her child.
She laughs at you and says, "If I agreed to that, I'd never be able to look my daughter in the eye."

You cannot argue with her logic.
You ask her to name the baby, but she refuses.
You decide to use your medical knowledge to treat the pregnancy.
You find the ship's medical supplies and make a list of things you need

Oxygen tanks.
Blood samples.
Urine samples.
Vaginal swabs.
Cervical mucus sample.
Breast milk.

Your ship is not well stocked and all you come back with is: a napkin, some ketchup packets, 1 rubber glove (used), and some gatorade.

You are forced to improvise.
You create an improvised incubation chamber in the airlock.
You fill the oxygen tanks with air and hook them up to Lucretia's cell.

You feed her the gatorade and the ketchup packets.
You take a blood sample and add it to the water in the tank.
You wait patiently for two days until Lucretia gives birth.

You decide to the name the baby:

You place Diana into the airlock and leave her there.
You finally admit to yourself that you love Lucretia.
The End.
* * *
"Are you sure this is safe?"

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