Amnesiacs – ​You are Mr. Minkle, a car salesman in Kentucky

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​You are Mr. Minkle, a car salesman in Kentucky. One day, someone throws a flash grenade
 into your showroom and sets it off. You wake up to find yourself in the middle of nowhere, with no memory of how you got there. What happened? (Choose one) 
Mingle with friends at an outdoor concert.

Go on vacation for a few days.
Stalk someone.
Have sex with a stranger.
Get mugged by a mob of angry villagers.
Become president.
Decide what to do next: 
( ) Go home ( ) Stay here ( ) Continue searching ( )

> You continue searching.

You discover a large cave opening out from under the ground. It seems that some sort of underground river is running through this area. A small path leads down into the darkness. There is nothing else around except for a wooden chest buried in the dirt.

> You open the chest and see that it contains a Sister Act 2 DVD.

What does it mean?
You decide to explore further. The path continues into the cave, but soon you come across a locked door blocking your way forward. On closer inspection, you notice something strange about the lock - it's made of metal!

> You attempt to smash the lock open with a rock.

It takes several attempts before you manage to break through the lock. Once inside, you find a stairway leading downwards.
The stairs lead deeper and deeper into the earth. As you descend, you realize that you're not alone.
 In fact, the whole place is full of people who seem to be suffering from amnesia. They all look like they've been through hell. Some of them have injuries, others are missing limbs.

> You gather everyone and tell them your story and that you can't remember how you got here.

They don't believe you. But then again, why should they? They don't even know each other. And besides, none of them has any reason to trust strangers.
"So... what now?"

> You gain everyone's trust by
 offering them food.
In return, they offer you their help.
"Well..." You take a deep breath and start talking. "I was just minding my own business when suddenly I woke up in a cave.

The ground begins shake and a humongous stone doors opens to reveal
 a tunnel. You follow the tunnels until you reach another room where a man sits at a table playing chess against himself. He turns to face you and his eyes widen in surprise as he recognizes you.

"Mr. Minkle!"
"Yeah, it's me."
"How did you get here?"
"I'm still trying to figure that out myself."
"Did you try the key?"

You notice a mysterious key in your pocket.  You look around and notice that all amnesiacs also have keys.

"Yes, I tried the key. It didn't work."
"Then maybe the key is the answer. Maybe it will lead you back to wherever you came from."

> You ask Magnus Carlsen, "What are you doing here?"

Magnus looks surprised by your question. "What do you mean?"
"I mean... why are you playing chess against yourself?"
"Oh, well..." He says, "I was waiting for someone.
> You notice there is a key hole in the chess table.  You put the key in and a timer starts.  You must beat Magnus in a game of chess.  You have 10 minutes.

"Are you ready?"
"OK, let's begin."
You move your pieces and Magnus moves his. Your king is surrounded. You try to block Magnus' queen's path but he pushes it through.

"I thought so."
"So... why are you here?"
"I was waiting for someone."

"I was hoping to play a game of chess with myself. See if I could win."
"And you think you can beat yourself?"
"I'm pretty sure I can."

> You put your key in and play another game of chess.

ou lose
"You know," Magnus says, "I actually cheated a little bit."
"Yes, I used a special piece that allows me to move twice per turn.

Magnus parts his bangs and you notice a key hole on his forehead.  You insert your key and turn.

"It worked!"
"What do you mean?"
"It took me a while to figure out how to use it, but I managed to win."
"But you said you were cheating."

Magnus's head opens up to reveal
 a secret passageway.
"Come with me."
He leads you into a dark passage and through a series of twists and turns. Eventually, the passage opens up to a large chamber.
 At the far end of the room is an ornate throne carved from marble. Sitting on the throne is a man dressed in black robes.
"I am Magnus Carlsen, King of the Chess."

Out of sheer curiosity, you boop Magnus on the nose.

"So... who are you?"
"I'm just a guy."
"A guy named Carlsen?"
"Yeah, that's right."
"And who exactly are you waiting for?"

"I'm waiting for that special someone to boop me on the nose..."

"Wait... you're a ghost?"
"Yep, that's me."
"So... what happens when you die?"
"Nothing really. Just wait around for a few hundred years and then you'll come back as a ghost."

> You shout "Is there any way to prevent that?  I don't want to be a ghost!"

"There's no way to prevent it. Once you die, you're dead.
"At least I'm not trapped in a cave somewhere," you say. "That would suck."
"Yeah, I guess you're lucky.
 But I don't think I'd like being stuck in a cave.
I wouldn't even know what to do with myself."
"Well, you could always go exploring. There's a lot of interesting things to see out there."

> You say "You, Magnus, and all the amnesiacs leave the cave."

> You You, Magnus, and all the amnesiacs leave the cave.

"Now what?"
"We should find a place to rest. We've been traveling for a long time."
"You know," you say, "I have a feeling we're going to run into each other again someday."

> You realize you are all standing on a giant chessboard.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me," you say. "What was your name?"
"OK, Mike, what are you doing here?"

> You look in a mirror and say, "I'm waiting for someone to play with."

"I'm waiting for someone to play with."
"Well, I guess we're both waiting for someone to play with."
"I guess so."
"I wonder what they'll look like."