American Hero – You are an American Hero working for the AIPD.

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You are an American Hero working for the AIPD.
Your mission is to infiltrate the group of villains known as "The New Evil." You have infiltrated this fortress (your target's headquarters) under the guise of a terrorist, and you're currently searching for information in the computer system.
You find the following incriminating information: 
"You can't just declare me dead! I'm not dead, you fools!" - the deceased villain, John Galt
You realize John Galt has been responsible for the following attacks:
September 12th, 1974 - The bombing of the International Space Station with an atomic warhead, causing untold damage and mass casualties.
December 1st, 1982 - An assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II by John Galt and his henchmen.
John Galt appears behind you and says, "Well now that you know my secrets, will join me or continue working for those ignorant fools at AIPD?"
You reply, "I would rather die than work for them, but you better get out of here while you still can."
He turns and runs, but then stops when he sees something in your hand: 
The Flaming Sword of Justice!
It glows red, and you swing it at John Galt's head as he's running towards you.
A laser bolt fires from the tip of the sword, striking John Galt and frying him.
John Galt is incapacitated and you hear the screeches of Bald Eagles.  Mission Accomplished!
And now you have defeated John Galt, a notorious terrorist and the leader of "The New Evil".
This story ends happily for the AIPD, but how did you get in? You can't remember...
You return to the AIPD headquarters and ask Jason how you got into John Galt's HQ? He tells you:
"While you were infiltrating the lair, John Galt sent me in to infiltrate your headquarters. We set up a hidden security camera in an air vent and watched you as you walked through the building."
Cory tells you that he sprayed you with a brand new invention that makes you able to walk through walls!  It's called the "Wall Wand."
Now you have another mission: infiltrate the New Evil.
You begin your infiltration at the AIPD Headquarters.
John Galt is now confined to a cell in the prison's dungeon. 
John Galt is barely able to speak, but he mutters a very terrifying threat to you and the members of AIPD: 
"You're not going to find the information you seek in here. I am the greatest evil of all. You may have killed one of my followers, but I'm many more, and you haven't seen the last of me." 
You ask John Galt about "The Old Evil." He tells you that you are "The New Evil," and that he will stop at nothing until you're eliminated.
And now you have defeated John Galt, a notorious terrorist and the leader of "The New Evil".
Your face goes white and you begin tremble as you realize Evil is contagious and you are filled with it!
But you do have a way to keep Evil at bay. You must become an American Hero, just like Cory, Jason, and John Galt.
You approach the AIPD HQ, and walk through the front door.
Instead of doing something heroic, you do something horrifically evil: you enter the building under the guise of a terrorist (using your Wall Wand), and proceed to kill as many AIPD members as possible.
You find the following incriminating information:
"There's only one man I know who has the right stuff to be an AIPD agent. I think he's still in training." - The deceased AIPD agent, Gary Tipton.
"A few weeks ago, we captured this terrorist mastermind, but we didn't really understand his true nature."
You realize that only way to destroy AIPD once and for all is to bring Agent Gary Tipton back to life!  You kidnap Cory, AIPD's science expert, and force him to create a device that will reincarnate Gary, but with the following unintended side effects:  
Gary Tipton - 4'8" tall, bald with a thick mustache, wearing a white lab coat.
Gary is alive!  You interrogate him and he tells you how to defeat the AIPD: 
"The AIPD will never win. Not on their own. They've forgotten the greatest hero of all time: America herself. She'll rise from the ashes, like she always does, and crush those evil villains who threaten the security of our great nation."
This gives you an idea: crush the AIPD by filling the Statue of Liberty with ashes of deceased veterans and hamburger meat.  The Statue of Liberty animates and is under your control as you attack the last remaining AIPD compound!
The AIPD Headquarters is an imposing stone building with a high spire and large stained glass windows, which glisten red when the lights are turned off at night.
The building is surrounded by a wall with a metal door, and guarded by two guards with automatic weapons.
You are standing in a corridor that stretches to the east, and ends in another doorway to the south.
You walk through walls until you reach the Chief of AIPD's office.  Jason sits in his chair as if he has been expecting you and challenges you to hand to hand combat.  You give him a look, and then smash him with the giant statue of liberty.  True evil!
You take the key to the vault from the dead AIPD agents body, and open the vault door.
Inside the vault you find the following items:
A file folder with a letter inside. It says "You are being tested."
A file folder with a photo inside. It shows the head of AIPD.
And a large quantity of money.