Al Dente, a timid warehouse worker by day and scary vigilante detective by night

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You are living paycheck to paycheck and often garbage pick things to get by.

You are alone working extra late at the warehouse one evening. You are mad that you are not able to follow up on some leads about a missing cat. You turn off the lights and are about to head home for the night, when you hear noises coming from inside your bosses office. You flick on the lights and four men with ski masks and guns robbing the safe.

They have already killed two of your co-workers and taken their money and cell phones. You are unarmed and running out of time as they fire upon you. You run back into the office only to be shot in the back. Your body is left on the floor where it crumples under the weight of what was once a man.

You catch a glimpse of one of the guys who takes their mask off. It's the son of the mayor, Dick Trader! You continue to play dead until they leave. The next day, you tend to your wounds and start doing research about Dick.

He seems like an ordinary guy, but you learn he has been involved in several high profile cases over the years. One of them being the "The Slaughterhouse Five" case. You find out that his father was the prosecutor in that case and also found out he had been fired from his job due to incompetence.

You decide to take justice into your own hands and follow Dick Trader to collect evidence against him.


You see the Mayor's wife, Wetcleft Furcoat, exit a hotel. You decide to follow her.

> You go after her You follow Wetcleft Furcoat to her hotel room. She opens the door wearing nothing but a towel and says she doesn't want any trouble. You explain that you will be taking a bath before you talk to her so she can relax.

You fill the bath full of bubbles and bath salts. You tell her "get in the bath and relax" then the two of you slip into the bath and turn on the bubble jets.

You begin to float above the water. Wetcleft looks down at you and smiles. As you float above the surface of the water, you realize you aren't really here. You're just floating along with this woman. Wetcleft begins to undress and you watch her slowly undo her clothes while you watch.

You continue to watch her undress.

Eventually you see her naked breasts and nipples harden as she begins to touch herself. Then suddenly she grabs your hand and begins to pull you toward the surface of the water. Wetcleft pulls you through the air towards the surface of the water and you feel yourself being pulled underwater with her. You struggle to stay afloat, but eventually you are pulled underwater with her.

As you float helplessly beneath the surface, you notice a strange creature swimming around in the murky depths. It swims around and sees you floating there helplessly, but it does nothing. Suddenly, it turns its head and stares directly at you. It stares at you for a long time and then it makes a loud noise which causes you to scream.

You see It's Wetcleft Furcoats clitoris. You scream, but it's headed right for you.

It starts to suck on your face and mouth and then it bites your nose off.

You scream "GOD DAMNIT! NOT AGAIN!" and wrestle with the monster clitoris.

It breaks free and you grab onto it and try to hold it away from you. Suddenly, it stops sucking and it stares at you again. Wetcleft screams and runs at you. You quickly grab your penis and stab at Wetcleft's face with it. Her eyes widen in shock and she falls backwards.

You reattach your nose, then ejaculate all over her to finish her off.

You fall unconscious and soon you wake up in a hospital bed. A nurse comes in and asks if you are alright. You say yes and she tells you that you were attacked by a monster called a Clitoridophallus. A Monster Of Unusual Size And Shape?

The nurse hands you an informational pamphlet about the Clitoridophallus. You read it and it says

: A Clitoridophallus is a type of monster that resembles a large, slimy octopus. They are usually found near bodies of fresh or salt water, such as coastal waters or marshes. They are said to be attracted to the smell of human semen. When threatened or angered, they release a cloud of mucous-like slime that coats their tentacles.

You find and train your own Clitoridophallus to fight the Mayor's family and reveal their crimes.

A few days pass and you return home. You find the Mayor's Family gone and the police station destroyed. You don't know why, but you think the Clitoridophallus did it. You search the house and find no trace of them. One year passes... You are still searching for the truth behind what happened to the Mayor's Family.

You finally track down your Clitoridophallus down and see

that it has grown considerably. It is now twice its size. You have never seen anything like it. Its coloration is more yellowish green than blue. It has a longer tentacle coming out of its back end and its head is covered with small teeth. Its new form has changed its behavior somewhat.

You soothingly place your hand on it's head and pet it. You then slowly feed it a small bowl of semen.

The Clitoridophallus seems very happy with the new food and begins to eat it eagerly. Your next encounter with it is a little different. You are walking home one evening when you hear a sound from outside. You run inside and find the front door broken open. There stands a huge beast. It's skin is black and oily looking.

You say "Here we go again!"

and fire your pistol at it. The bullet hits the beast in the shoulder and ricochets back and forth hitting other parts of its body until it collapses dead. You look around and see that everything else in the house is damaged. The walls are cracked and splintered. The windows are shattered. You also notice that the street lights are out.