AIPD EP191 – 9/26/2020 – Story 2

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You are Green Goblin, you donate blood to the Rat King.

"No, but I'll get him some."

Your next visit is to the blood bank. It's never short on supply, but you have to get the RIGHT supply.
You ask for universal donor blood. They give you several large jugs of it.
Next, you fly to the Empire State University, where you know there are dozens of medical students, which is what the Rat King's "donors" are.
You throw a grenade at the pile of medical students and collect their blood for the Rat King.

"There, all done."

You have now become a hero among goblin kind, for you spoke to the Green Goblin himself, and all the other goblins fear you too much to deny your request.
> You say "Hey Rat King, why do you need so much blood?"
You go to your meeting place, the abandoned Castle Clinton. The Rat King is waiting for you there.
"Ah, the Green Goblin! You're here, that's good."
"Why wouldn't I be?" you ask in an annoyed tone of voice. "Now, answer my question. Why do YOU need so much blood? I know it's not for you to drink. You seem like you'd prefer the taste of wine to that of blood."
"Ah, yes.
> You say "Give me some of that adrenacrome and lets get this party started "
"Yes, I would," the Rat King says in a voice tinged with sadness. "But all I have left is what you see before you. It's not a large amount, I know. But it'll keep me going for a bit longer yet."
You take the adrenacrome and start to dance even though no music is playing. You begin to feel energized, and a numbness begins to creep into your body.
"More!" you shout.
You take more adrenacrome, the Rat King looks worried.
"Green Goblin, I think you should stop," he says.
You ignore him and take even more of the drug. You begin to feel an immense pressure in your head, but you don't care.
You continue to take adrenacrome and belt out a power ballad about goblins.  It goes like this:
~In a time of war and strife,
There was a young humble goblin:
Who fought with the courage of ten,
A hero who's foe were much braver.
You start to feel weird and begin to transform into a giant rat.
The Rat King stares at you in horror.
Suddenly, Captain America bursts into the room.
"There you are,"
You are so high that you decide to change sides and team up with Captain America to fight the Rat King.
"I knew you were weak, Rat King!" you scream.
You punch him in the face, and he flies into a wall.
You ask Captain America to join the Avengers.
"I don't think I'm joining the avengers..." you say, almost passing out. "I think I'm going to rest here."
You fall asleep and wake up in a hospital bed.
> You say "where is my rat wife? "
You are visited by your assistant, who tells you that you have been in the hospital for three days.
Bruce Banner is your doctor and asks you what is the last thing you remember.
"I remember meeting a goblin called Green Goblin, and then I think I created a monster or something. Where is my rat wife?"
Bruce tells you, "You are the Green Goblin, also you don't have a rat wife."
"Oh," you say, surprised.
You think back to your time as the Green Goblin and frown at the memory.
"The good news is I'm cured! The bad news is I was crazy."
You check yourself out of the hospital and break in your new prosthetic metal legs.
Everyone is fascinated by them, you feel like a celebrity. You start to walk around the city and meet an old lady.
"Excuse me, but do you have a light?" she asks.
You give the old woman a cigarello and feel like you've done a good deed for the day.
You get home and feel good about yourself.
The next day you see the old woman again, she smiles and you offer her your  adrenacrome vape.
"Thank you son, you're alright."
You smile and say, "I try to be nice to the elderly."
> You put on your goblin mask and stare into the windows of her soul and see her worst moments.
You put on your goblin mask and stare into the windows of her soul and see her worst moments.
A vicious rat with sharp teeth appears in the reflection.
"Hey! Stop that, you fucking bitch!" you yell as the rat bites your hand.
> You offer to take the woman out for dinner.
The next day, you meet the old woman for dinner. You take her out to a nice steak resturant and order a pint of ale.
"What are you drinking?" she asks.
"Oh nothing special, just some ale," you say.
"I'll have the same," she says. "So how's your love life going?"
> You leave the restaurant with the old woman and take her back to your place where you seduce her.
You order another ale and it is here when you decide that the old woman is probably a succubus, and the only way to kill her is to have sex with her. Fortunately you are ready!
> You unleash your inner goblin and slay this succubus like the warrior of god you are.
You and the old lady get a taxi back to your place and you have wild goblin sex until the sun comes up.
You can't remember the last time you felt this drained after sex, fortunately she felt it too.
> You the moral of the story:.
The next day you wake up feeling great, you have lost all your hair and there is a note saying "Thank You For the Good Time" written in blood on your bathroom mirror.