AIPD EP191 – 9/26/2020 – Story 1

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You are Green Lantern, a member of the Justice League. You start bragging about how powerful you are. Batman walks up to you and says, "Without your power ring, you couldn't do anything." You reply, "Well, I'm never going to lose my ring." A few minutes later, you go into the restroom. Your ring falls off your hand and lands in the toilet. You flush the toilet before realizing that your ring is gone. You say, "Oh, no, I lost my ring. I'm powerless!"  As you walk out, Batman punches you. You go unconscious and fall to the floor.
Your powers are gone.
You wake up in the Bat Cave. You yell at Batman, "Why did you do that? And why did you bring me here?
You see Batman is wearing your ring. He says, "With this ring, I will rule the world."
"No you won't," says a new voice. You turn around and see the Joker standing there with a gun.
You plead with the Joker to let you go.  You say, "I'll do anything!" The Joker replies, "Anything?" You nod. The Joker says, "Well then... DIE!" He shoots you.
You see it is a fake gun and flag pops out that says, "BANG!".  The Joker laughs for a while and unties you. He says, "See you next time, Batman!" You run out of the cave and go home.
You think of things to do without your ring, the first thing that comes to mind: call John. You call John, but he does not pick up.
You go to John's house and knock on his door. He answers and he's bulked up in muscle. You realize he's been working out. He asks, "What do you want?" You say, "Do you want to hear a joke?" He says "No."
You tell the joke anyway, you say, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" He says, "I don't know." You reply, "To get to the other side!" He gets mad and kicks you in the crotch.
> You say "I don't have my ring on, that really hurt John!  Please help me be strong again and work out with you!"
You beg and plead with John. He seems to feel sorry for you. He says, "Well OK. But no funny stuff!" You agree and go to the gym with him.
get jacked and then return to the Bat Cave to fight Batman and get your ring back.
You return to the Bat Cave. You see Batman interrogating a criminal. You charge at him! He sees you and fights back.
You free Bane, the criminal he was interrogating, and team up to knock out Batman. Bane picks up Batman and holds him above his head.
You think, "Now's my chance!" You take your ring out of your pocket and put it on your finger.
You use your ring to form a green greyhound bus and drop it on Batman. Then you drop a giant piano on him too.
Bane escapes and you ask Batman why he tried to steal your ring. He says, "To destroy the Justice League!"
You ask, "How?"
Batman answers, "If I killed all of the members, no one would be there to stop evil from taking over the world!"
You leave Batman trapped under the giant piano and call the Justice League to inform them of Batman's plans to destroy them.
You become the leader of the Justice League and end up marrying Wonder Woman.
The moral of the story: Come up with a better plan to get revenge on John.