AIPD EP190 – 9/25/2020 – Story 2

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Wailing Waylon is a poltergeist living in the notorious Waidler Mansion. A group of ghost hunters arrive to cleanse Waylon's tortured soul, but Waylon enjoys being a ghost and begins to haunt the hunters.

The number of hunters decreases, as members are either scared away or killed.
You are alone in the room with Tony, a guy who skipped his daily stream so he could hunt for poltergeists.  The two of you are sitting quietly, hoping that the spirits do not try to possess you, when suddenly a dark spirit with a white face enters the room.

"Shit... how long has he been there?"
You eat the spirit and gains its power, then you scare Tony.

"Hey, that's not funny!" he says. "There are fucking ghosts in this mansion!"
You start laughing, then you see a different spirit.
"Look out!"
> You tony runs out of the house and to the van to get his proton pack.
"We must get the hell out of here, these spirits are ghosts!"
"Shit... how long has he been there?" You eat the spirit and gains its power, then you scare Tony.
Tonight is the night of the ghost ball.  All the ghosts in the region come to your mansion to have a ghost party.
You are in the middle of it all, dancing and talking to various ghosts. You see a spirit with a torn dress and a necklace made of teeth. She seems to be some kind of ghost queen.
You are Wailing Waylon and you've always wanted to date a ghost queen.  Just then you see Tony get the Poltergust 3000 from Luigi's Mansion and he sucks up the queen and you.  You talk to the queen in the vacuum cleaner.
"Release me! I'm the ghost queen!"
You attempt to seduce the dust queen, but she sneezes in your face from all the dust.
You quietly sob as you watch the ghosts have fun while you are stuck in a vacuum cleaner.
> You use your ghost powers to reverse the vacuum cleaner to blow out you and the queen.
You release the suction of the vacuum and pull out your hair.
"I'm stuck in a vacuum!" you cry.
"Do you need my help?"
You notice that Bagul speaking to you, he must have been sucked up as well.  You tell him, "Yes, please get us out of here!"
"Okay, but only if you take me to the ghost queen," the demon replies.
You agree with your fingers crossed behind your back. Bagul says some strange words and the vacuum sucks inwards.
"How to get you out first," Bagul whispers.
You try not to breath as the vacuum blows air out now.
You start to escape, but suddenly the airflow reverses and Tony is sucked into the vacuum cleaner bag.
"Hey stop! I'm a real person, not a ghost!" he cries as he gets shredded by the fan.
You are finally free. "Thank you demon!
The one remaining ghost hunter runs away from the mansion in fear as you dance with the ghost queen.
You reached the "Happy" ending.
The moral of the story: If it's not broken, don't try to fix it.