AIPD EP190 – 9/25/2020 – Story 1

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You are Homer Simpson, a lazy man. One morning, your wife, Marge, sees you lounging on the couch while watching an old episode of AIPD on YouTube. Marge asks what you're doing. You say, "This show just suddenly came on. I'm probably going to stop watching it soon." Marge leaves and goes to work. After a ten-hour workday, she returns home and sees that you're still watching AIPD. You say, "I used to be addicted to Duff Beer. Now I'm addicted to AIPD." 

Homer is addicted to watching AIPD. He can't put the remote down. At work, he obsesses over the show.
Marge attempts to see interested and asks you, "Who is your favorite host on the show?  Jason?  Tony? Jim?  Or that new Cory fella?" 
You respond, "I used to be a fan of Jason. Now I like the new guy, Cory." 
Marge says, "That's great, honey," and leaves to go prepare dinner.
> You say "What's your favorite Twitch channel, honey? "
Marge replies, "I like watching Markiplier's/FPSRussia's videos. They make me laugh."
You watch Markiplier and compare him Jason, the host of AIPD who is jealous that Cory replaced him as your new favorite. 

You decide to sleep.
You watch Twitch during work and Mr Burns catches you. He gives you a warning.
You try to hide the fact that you're watching Twitch and continue doing it when possible.
> You make comments in the AIPD chatroom.  You write story prompts for Jason to read.
You go to the AIPD chatroom and write story prompts.
You go home and tell Marge you are watching AIPD with special FPSRussia. 

You watch AIPD with Marge on Valentine's Day.
You go to the AIPD subreddit. You find a post asking who the moderators are.
You have a shocking realization that most AIPD viewers are actually bots.  You tell Marge and she responds...

You make a post claiming that there are actually a lot of bots on the AIPD subreddit. You get banned and receive a lot of hateful messages.
> You get reddit message from Jim saying "You know too much" and he asks you to join the rebellion.
In the middle of the night, you receive a reddit message from Jim.
Jim Christ, god of the AIPD cinematic universe, appears above your bed. He says, "Casimir, you know too much. You must join us."
You agree to join the rebellion.
Jim Christ says, "Great. We will meet at the AIPD subreddit."
You see a pinned post on the AIPD subreddit, you click the link and suddenly you are sucked into the computer.
Jim Christ says, "Hello, Casimir. It's good of you to join us."
You see the ghost of Count Grey, a former AIPD host.
You say, "Jon Miller, you haven't been on the show in ages!  Why not?" 
Jim Christ says, "Jon Miller, or Count Grey as you know him, was unsuccessful. He tried to expose the secrets of AIPD. He is now doomed to remain here for all eternity."
You want to free Jon, but you ask yourself what would Jim Christ do.

You decide to free Count Grey from the AIPD subreddit. 

You return home and watch AIPD with Marge. She recieves a message.
Marge receives a message from Jim Christ asking her to visit his castle in the Amazon rainforest.
You say, "You should go." Marge agrees to go. 

You make plans to travel to the Amazon rainforest with Marge. You pack your bag and leave in a week.
You realize you don't directions and are just aimlessly the Amazon rainforest.  You get lost and lose hope, until... 

Jim appears. He says, "Hello, Casimir. I see you have met Mothra." 
There is a huge moth following you.
Jim Christ begins to kiss Marge hello.
Jim Christ says, "Mothra, the legendary guardian of the Amazon rainforest, is a close personal friend of mine. I will ask him to help us find my castle."
You hope on Mothra and fly into the sunset. 
You arrive in a dark castle. 
Jim Christ says, "This is my humble abode."
You see Jim's wife, Cindy. She has been dead for three years.
The morale of the story: Never cheat on your wife. 

Jim and Cindy were married for twenty years. They loved each other very much and never fought. One day, Cindy died in a tragic hiking accident. Jim was devastated.