AIPD EP189 – 9/24/2020 – Story 2

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Bowap the Brave is a mighty adventurer tasked with rescuing  two maidens from a terrible and horny dragon. you begin your adventure at the tavern in search of would-be dragon-slayers.

"Alright Bowap, our goal is to save these two damsels from the perils of an angry dragon. I'll take the left route and you go right.
You recognize the man as Tony, a warrior eating gross pizza at the tavern.  You ask him for help, he agrees. "We'll save these maidens yet" he says!
You meet a brooding loner type at the tavern.
> You say "Hey brooding loner, what's your name and want to kill a dragon?"
"Hi, I'm Steve. What's your name?"
"I'm Bowap the Brave, I'm tasked with slaying a dragon. You wanna join me?
"Yeah sure, I'll join you" says Steve.
You have now gathered a group of 2 cowards and 1 brave adventurer.
You order a pizza for the group,  made out of Pop-Tarts with gummy bear toppings.  It's delicious.
"Where are we supposed to go again?" says Steve.
"The old mineshaft" you say.
You enter a large metal door that says "Danger: Mineshaft"
You tell Minecraft Steve to use his diamond pickax til you hit lava. After some mining, you see lava glowing bright red. You build a campfire and tell Steve to mine the glow.
"Why are we doing this?" says Steve.
"To get materials of course!"
> You craft an epic sword that will defeat the Enderdragon.
You look around the campfire and Steve is gone. You wonder where he went.
The next morning you wake up to a loud shriek, which is followed by a growling sound.
> You bowap immediately lunges at the sound with an enormous greatsword.
"The dragon's a man?" you say.
"Yes, the enderman is a humanoid creature that appears as a floating head with its limbs tucked in its shell."
You stone cold stunner the sound and then lean in for a kiss. It's Steve, you just kissed Steve.
"What are you doing?" he squeaks.
"I like you, I always have."
You hear a loud growl behind you.
You turn around see what is making that noise. It's a creeper, it explodes and blows you up. You're dead.
You respawn in town, but Minecraft Steve is nowhere to be see.  You retrace your steps to try and find your stuff. After an hour of mining you find a diamond, quite an interesting find.
"Hey, someone come mine this diamond with me"
You're not sure who said that, but you follow the voice.
You see Steve laying in bed.  You put your bed next to his and...
"We should go to the End together."
The morale of the story: When someone asks you out, you say yes.
Tony walks in the bedroom with the two damsels and catches you and Steve kissing.
"You guys are sick!" he says and storms out of the room.
You soon marry Steve, but that's a different story.