AIPD EP188 – 9/23/2020 – Story 1

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You are Jason. Together with your friends Tony, Jim and Cory, you go on a vacation to a faraway place. The three of you board the plane and find your seats. The Pilot walks past you and something seems off about him, but you can't make out what. The plane takes flight and an hour later you hear a scream from the cockpit. You run to the cockpit and find that the pilot and his co-pilot are gone. A blood-smeared note clings to the cockpit instruments, written by the pilot. The note states... "I've been held hostage by the terrorists. The co-pilot is dead. I couldn't do anything to prevent his death. Please help." What should you and your friends do?
You look for the autopilot button. Once you find it, you push it and the plane immediately ascends to a height of 30,000 feet.
> You walk back into the cabin and ask if anyone knows how to fly a plane.
You walk back into the cabin and see that a few of the passengers are pilots. You volunteer to fly the plane and take control. The rest of your friends sit on the chairs near the front.
You feel confident that there are other pilots in case of emergency, so you decide show off you non existent pilot skills.
You pull back on the joystick and the plane ascends into the air. You push the throttle to maximum and rapidly reach 30,000 feet, then 40,000 feet... The plane continues to gain altitude.
The terrorist, a gorgeous blonde woman, coming out from the toilet, red eyes as if she was crying, she just smiles at you.  You reveal your troubled past to her.
"You're crazy," She replies.
You hear the scream of the engines, and you lose control of the plane, hurtling at a speed of Mach 1 towards the ocean.
> You press submarine button.
You press the button that seems to indicate a water landing. The seatbelt signs turn off, and a voice comes on the speaker.
The voice says...
"Welcome to the Nautilus. If you look out the window on your right, you can see the beautiful underwater gardens of the legendary ship. Enjoy your flight."
Jim, Tony and Cory congratulate Jason, even though they thought he was going to get them killed. The flight continues, and after a while they see an undersea mountain range.
The captain's voice comes on the speaker. "We are passing over the underwater mountain range now, and will be landing at the bottom of the trench in a few minutes."
Jim, Cory and Toni are amazed at the sight of the underwater canyon.
> You see Jim flirting with beautiful blonde terrorist.
As you gaze out the window, Jim's flirting draws your attention away from the scenery. You see a beautiful blonde terrorist in the seat next to Jim. She seems to be enjoying his presence.
Tony sits in the seat on the other side of the woman, and asks the woman if she would like to take this party to the lavatory. What happens next?

1) You try to join the party in the toilet.
You tell Jim that it's not fair that he has a hot girl all to himself. You ask him to let you join in.
You go into the lavatory and are about to sit down on the toilet, when a voice from behind makes you jump.
> You look behind you and see...
A secret service agent stands behind you. He grabs your throat and starts to squeeze.
> You tell the secret service agent, "I'm not a terrorist!".
The agent doesn't believe you and squeezes tighter. You attempt to convince him you're not a terrorist by slapping him in the face, but his grip remains strong.
> You punch him directly in the balls.
You muster up all your strength and give the agent a good punch in the nuts. He releases his grip and falls to the floor grabbing his crotch. You immediately lock the door and sit on the toilet.
You hear Jim, Tony, and the Blonde Terrorist Woman having a party in the adjacent lavatory. You hear the woman screaming, and you think it's because of the amazing sex.
What happens next?

1) You enjoy the show.
You watch the woman for a while, but you start to feel nauseous.
2) You exit the lavatory.
You walk out of the lavatory and return to your seat.
> You arrive successfully at Atlantis.
You enjoy the rest of the flight. After a while, you prepare for landing. You exit the plane with no trouble. You are met by Slick Willy, and he escorts you to your hotel.
The morale of the story is: Never get on a flight with a terrorist.