AIPD EP187 – 9/22/2020 – Story 2

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You are Sausage Jim, a local hotdog vendor. You see a man trying to mug an old lady and you squirt spicy mustard in his eyes. The police arrive and...

"Hello, what's going on here?" says Officer Barbrady.
Barbrady and another cop approaches you all. Your eyes are stinging from the mustard and you can't see him too clearly.
> You rinse your eyes out with spicy ketchup by mistake.
You lean forward and fumble about in the cutlery tray for a bottle of ketchup. You find one shaped like an alien's head and reach for it, but pick up an empty cola bottle instead.
Your friend Jason, a popcorn vendor, sees you struggling and tries to help you out.
"Allow me," he says, taking the cola bottle from you and giving you the ketchup bottle in return.
You can still just about see what's happening and you take the ketchup from him.
Officer Barbrady asks you to describe the mugger. You take a swig from the ketchup bottle instead and splutter out, "I think I just drank this?"
The officers arrest you for drinking on the job and your angry boss fires you.
Jason offers you a job at his popcorn stand. If you take it, turn to page 120.
If you refuse, turn to page 206.
> You turn to page 120.
You take the job as a street vendor and meet up with Jason at a local coffee shop.
Jason brings you a 5 gallon bag of popcorn and says, "This ones on the house, I know you had a bad day."
You try to refuse, you don't want to take free stuff. But he insists and you graciously accept.
> You tell Jason if you are unhappy with the job, you will turn to page 206.
You continue selling but there are just too many people around in the afternoons, when everybody is on their lunch break.
> You hire Tony as your assistant Popcorn Vendor.
You buy a bunch of 5 gallon bags of popcorn from your old boss and convince him to sell them to you cheap.
Your boss is confused, but accepts the challenge.  Tony starts and does very well on his first day.
You realize you love selling popcorn and decide to try harder. You rent a hotdog cart from some guy for $100. It barely functions, but it's on wheels which is what you need.
> You start selling popcorn dogs, and they are a surprise hit. Tony look at you admiringly.
You realize you need more carts to sell more food so you can employ more people. You buy 2 carts from the same guy, and hire 2 kids to work with Tony and help push the carts around.
You recognize one of the kids from somewhere, then it hit's you: he was the mugger. You don't know what to say so you just let it go.
The boys work hard and sell a lot of food.
Officer Barbrady shows up again. This time he wants a bribe, because you don't have a license for all your carts. If you pay the bribe, turn to page 49.
If you don't pay, turn to page 215.
Tony asks, "How do you make hot dogs? I've never seen a dog that's attractive before." 
You and chortle at his joke, but are cut short by a rumbling sound in your stomachs.
> You turn to page 215.
You're too hungry to care about the law. You take a bite of your massive hot dog and enjoy a brief moment of bliss.
You get nervous that you might lose everything you worked for because of a dirty cop.  You eat 6 ft hot dog and gain 600 lbs in your depression.
Upon your death, your children fight over your estate and sell your cart to pay for the court fees along with everything else you owned.
You are ground up into hot dogs and served at the policeman's ball. The End
The morale of the story: Don't be a rat, don't eat at the end, and always look before you leap
You've reached the end of this book. But fear not! A secret passage has been opened to another book.