AIPD EP179 – 9/14/2020 – Story 3

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You are Jim, a waiter from Spain, and you are delighted when you get the chance to take part in the finals of a baking competition. However, your chances are put in jeopardy when your great Aunt goes missing. Will you find her in time?
You go to your Great Aunt's condo and look for clues.  You use her kitchen to prepare for the baking finals, just in case. You also find out that she has a lot of antiques and valuable jewelry...
You go to your Great Aunt's condo and look for clues. You use her kitchen to prepare for the baking finals, just in case.
> You go through the antiques and valuables and find something you like.
Now that you have an idea of what you want, it's time to make some cakes. Good luck!
While waiting for your cakes to cool, you see a large man in the backyard with a ski mask on.
Your cakes are finally cool. What will you do?
> You continue to decorate the cakes as you keep an eye on the man in the backyard.  You lean in and kiss the cake.
You lock the doors and turn off the lights.
The person in the backyard throws a brick through your kitchen window and you hear footsteps coming inside...
As the person gets closer, you realize who it's the creepy kid who was staring at you in the crowd!
Before you can defend yourself, the boy has carved his name on your face. You try to scream but he covers your mouth with his hand.
You grab a rolling pin and smack the kid upside the head.  The mask flies off and you see it is Casey Jones because he face tattoo of his own name.
He looks at you and flees the house.
The police arrive a few minutes later and you tell them what happened. They begin to search around the neighborhood for him but come up with nothing.
You look at  your watch and realize it is almost time for the baking competition.  You hurry to get to the TV studio tent.
You are almost late for the show but you arrive just in time. You walk out on the stage and see all three celebrity judges waiting for you.
Your cake is half done and covered in blood.  You kiss it and place in front of the Judges.  One of the judges takes a bite and says...
"I didn't know you could bake. This is delicious!"
You have won the competition and a new life for yourself!
After the show you wait in your dressing room.  You hear a knock on the door.  You open the door and see...
You open the door and your Great Aunt is standing there. You hug her and cry tears of joy.
> You say "Where were you?  I was looking all over the place for you!"
"Oh, just out and about." She says.
You look at her shirt and notice the blood stain. You know that this blood is from the creepy kid you hit in the head with a rolling pin.
> You hand her a cake and kiss her on the cheek.  You put your watch in your pocket.
"Well, I had better go." Your Great Aunt says.
"Thank you for the cakes, they are delicious." Your Great Aunt says as she gets into a taxi.
The Taxi driver is your friend Tony, you whisper to him, "Tell me if she makes any interesting stop tonight."
You stay outside and watch her cab drive off. After a few minutes, your friend leans out the window and says, "She went to TenderLoving Care Home."
You go to the home and try to get in but it is locked. You go around back and find that there is an open window. You enter the building and find yourself in a basement.
You see Casey Jones shaking hands with a nurse while holding a forged will that he forced your Great Aunt to sign.
He is talking to her, "Just put her things some place for now. She won't be needing them anymore. I'll sell the house when she dies. I just need you to keep my secret."
> You rush in and yell "NO WAY! THAT'S MY STUFF!  I CALLED DIBS!"
The two criminals turn to look at you. You pull out your cell phone and pretend you are going to call the police.
"Wait!" says Casey, holding up his hands. "Just don't call the police."
You bake cakes while negotiate terms with the two criminals.
"My Great Aunt just gave me this house, but I don't want it. You can have it if you give me $100,000."
"That's a big amount of money."
> You served them cake and answer...
"I baked you a cake. Please, I need the money to help my family."
The criminals pause for a moment and then hand you the money. You run out the back door and call your family.
> You tell your family "I'm going out of town for a while"
"What?" your mother says.
"I'm going out of town for a while." you repeat
"What are you going to do?" your little sister asks.
"For a job. I'm going to be a doctor.
You retire and use the money to build an orphanage in Africa and teach the kids how to bake. You die of natural causes at the age of 90.
The moral of the story is: anyone can be a doctor.