AIPD EP179 – 9/14/2020 – Story 1

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You are Jason, a guy who is missing his wallet. You decide to have your top suspects come to your house. Your suspects include your friends, Tony and Jim, K-9000 the dog and the Kool-Aid Man. Recently, Tony bought a hot tub, Jim got a new car, K-9000 bought 9000 bags of dog food and the Kool-Aid Man bought tons of kool-aid, so all of the suspects are suspicious. You put your hand on your chin, while trying to find out who the culprit is. Based on what you know, choose who you think the culprit is.
You think that the culprit is the...
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> You demand your friend tell you their alibi's.
You turn to your friends and demand to know their alibi's. They all pull out guns on you and you see that you have no choice but to tell them everything you know.
You spill your life story and admit every bad thing you've done in life so that your friends don't shoot you. The friends seem to know what you've done and take pity on you.
"You were smart enough to find us and it's obvious that you need a friend, so from now on we're friends".
You friends ask you "Where did you see your wallet last?" You are all lost without your wallet and you ask your friends to help you get it back. They tell you that they saw that the Kool-aid man took your wallet and went into the hot tub naked.
You reveal your troubled past with the Kool-Aid Man. Your friends tell you that you should see this as an opportunity. They say "Why don't we all go to the Kool-Aid Man's house and get your wallet back?"
> You and your friends go to the Kool-Aid Man's house and pound on his front door until he answers.
You go to the Kool-aid Man's house and pound on his door. He answers and you all walk inside. You reveal that he took your wallet.
You flip the house looking everywhere for your wallet, you find nothing. The Kool-aid man asks you what you're doing. You explain that you've lost something very important to you and that you need it back.
> You ask him if he has seen your wallet.
"No..." the Kool-aid man says, "But I do have a wallet on me". He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wallet.
He opens it up to reveal several $100 bills.
You use the several hundred dollars to hire a private investigator to find your wallet. You find your wallet a week later in an abandoned house. You return to the Kool-Aid man's house with several police officers.
> You reveal that you found your wallet and it had traces of Kool-Aid on it.
The kool-aid man is furious. He yells at you, and the police officers take him away. You are glad to have your wallet back, because it has several pictures of your ex in it.
> You turn over one of the pictures and find your ex's phone number written on it.  You give her a call.
You call your ex, who you hadn't spoken to in years. She picks up the phone and says "Hello?" You realize that you have been given a second chance and that things can be different this time around.
You take your new old girlfriend to Applebees. Over dinner you explain how you have changed and that if she is willing to give you a chance, you can make things work out this time around.
> You order a Whiskey Bacon Burger that is on the special menu from the waiter.
You order your favorite dish, a whiskey bacon burger. You enjoy the burger and catch up with your girlfriend.
You have a wonderful time and the day goes by quickly.
You drop your girlfriend off at her house, she gives you a peck on the cheek and closes the door.  You smile and reach in your pocket.  Your wallet is missing, again.
"I don't know what you are talking about officer, I lost my wallet a month ago."
The officer tells you the Kool-Aid man has been released from jail and he is very angry. He tells you that you had better come up with a story if you want to avoid the back of a police car.
You sit on the hood of the police cruiser and think about how this day went downhill so quickly.
You sit in the back of the police car upset that you are going to spend the night in jail.  Just then you hear a commotion and the officer is no where to be seen.  The Kool-Aid Man gets in the cop car and drives off laughing maniacally.
You got the bad ending, this is what happens when you do nothing to help people.