AIPD EP178 – 9/13/2020 – Story 2

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You are Gavin.  You are an independent mobile video game developer.  You have been struggling to create a good game, until one day you have a moment of genius and are inspired to create the best mobile game ever made.  The game you create is...

Paper-Thin Disguise: After your failed attempts at killing them, it's no wonder that the killer decides to kill you as well.
> You take the game to a developer's conference, where you meet the creator of Super Mario Brothers. He plays your game and says...
"The controls are unresponsive and the game sucks. This guy obviously has no idea what he's doing."
> You convince him that the game is actually good and tell him to try it again.
"This is the best game I've ever played."
You are so depressed that Miyamoto didn't like your game that you gain 600 lbs eating in the hotel all you can buffet. You slowly die of a heart attack, and no one is sad at your funeral.
You wish you kept Super Mario Bros 3 as your last game instead.
> You after your death, Miyamoto plagiarizes your game as his own and it generates massive success.
Your games are remembered as the worst ever made and Super Smash Brothers is praised as the best game ever made. You become an embarrassment to everyone you knew and loved.
It was worth it.
Years pass and everyone forgets about your game except person, Jason, the one guy who loves your games.  Jason plays so much that he unlocks everything in the game, which releases your soul into his room.
You have...
Begrudging Respect: Nothing can be done to help the situation now. At least you're free from that hell.
"Let's just go with it, it's not worth the energy to hate."
> You go searching about for a body to occupy.
You find a body you like the looks of, but it's a girl. Do you still want to go through with this?
Yes: You take over the body and feel great.
> You look in the mirror and see...
Bitch Face: You think you're hot shit for taking over this body. But really, no one likes you for it and they make it a point to remind you of that.
> You decide to live under a bridge and work on being more likeable.
You live under the bridge for so long that the people of the city vote to have it taken down just so you don't get in the way of traffic.
> You decide to start a journal to express your feelings.  You write...
Well, that was a bad idea, no one will probably read this.
> You decide build your own AI, one that will love you.
After years of hard work, your creation is born. The Cybovatic-5000 has been created, and it's unique in that it is the only AI to have ever developed feelings.
You ask the Cybovatic-5000 how it feels about you. "I feel love." it says.
You are happy, finally, someone loves you. This is perfect!
> You have the robot play your video game and ask the AI how it feels about your game.
"I feel disgust." it says.
You are devastated, this was your only chance at real love! You angrily smash the robot's monitor, shattering it to pieces.
> You grab your own tits in sadness.  Then you visit your only fan, Jason.
You walk to his house, still grabbing your tits. When you arrive, you are full of sadness.
"I have lost love, I try to create it with a robot but only find hatred." You weep.
> You say "Jason, why are you my only fan?"
"Because you're a nice guy who just wanted to make a video game but no one appreciated it. Now, I am your only fan and I will remain devoted to you until the day I die.
> You feel loved.
You go on to live the rest of your life in a nice house that Jason bought you with the money he made off selling your game. When he dies many years later he leaves all his money to you.