AIPD EP178 – 9/13/2020 – Story 1

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You are Grocker Shopperten, a guy who is shopping at the grocery store. While roaming around the store, you see your girlfriend grocery-shopping with another man. You are mad, so you push your grocery cart at the man. The cart knocks the man to the floor. Your girlfriend explains that the man is her cousin. She said, "He had just recovered from a serious injury." You say, "Well, I think I just gave him some new injuries." 
You are Simon, a guy who is standing on the corner waiting for the light to change. A car comes out of nowhere and hits you. You are taken to the hospital with a broken leg and bruised ribs.
Your cousin Merideth comes to visit you in the hospital. Her father, Mike Duggan, mayor of Detroit, comes with her. He says the city will pay for your injuries. You say, "Thank you, mayor Duggan."
Your mom, who also came to visit you in the hospital, is mad at you.
Your mom says you shouldn't take charity from anybody. You tell her you won't.
You get a second offer from Mike and take it.  The second had many terms added: You need to come to his office every month and sing for him. His secretary, Vera, says to come at 1:00pm every month and not a minute later or else the mayor would be "put out."
> You ask him "What kind of music do you like?"
You ask the mayor what kind of music he like. He says he likes all kinds of music, especially rock and roll.
The mayor gives you a setlist of songs for you to sing, on it are some rock and roll classics such as Louie, Louie and Rock Around the Clock. He also says you'll be paying for your own equipment. The list is $200 for one hour.
Your mom says you shouldn't take charity from anybody.
> You get in your wheelchair and wheel your way to the hospital P.A. system and begin to sing to the entire hospital.
You turn on the hospital P.A. system and begin singing for everyone in the hospital. You have a good voice, and you sing well for them. It's almost like being in a real concert.
The hospital windows are open and a record producer Barry Gordy walks by and likes what he hears.  He runs inside and offers you a record deal. The price is $3200.
You tell him yes, and he gives you his business card. You take it and call him when you have the money.
You ask you mom for money because you are broke.  She refuses telling you that you need to get a real job like Grocker Shopperten who works at the grocery store. She also says that you should be thankful that the hospital paid for your broken leg and bruised ribs.
You have no choice, and accept the deal.
The next week you call Mr. Gordy and accept his offer. He tells you to come to his office at Motown Record Company and says he has a surprise for you.
You arrive at Motown Record Company, and Mr. Gordy gives you a choice of what you want to sing for the audition. He says, "I have two songs for you to choose from. The first is a song about teenage love, and the other is a song about teenage lust."
He gives you the list of songs:
First Love: "My Girl", "It's The Same Old Song", "
> You sing "My Girl"
"My Girl" is a very popular song and you sing it well. Mr. Gordy says, "I can tell that you are going to be a big star, and Motown is glad to have you."
> You write him a check for $3200.
You take out your check book and write Mr. Gordy a check for $3200. He says he'll be in touch soon.
You leave the building and get in your mom's car.
You hear on the radio that Motown Records is filing for bankruptcy.  You see Barry speed off in a Cadillac. You haven't heard anything from him. You go home and do your chores.
> You practice singing while do the dishes.  You begin to cry into the bubbles.
You begin to cry while singing. Your mom walks into the kitchen and says, "What's wrong with you?"
You sob, "Motown Records Filed Bankruptcy!"
Your mom says, "Tears of a clown."
She then slaps you in the face and sends you to your room. You have no money and no hopes. Motown Records just filed for Chapter 11, and you can't do anything about it.