AIPD EP177 – 9/12/2020 – Story 3

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You are Jim.  You are the lead singer and guitarist for the American Hard Rock band known as Darkness Falls. You and the band are touring the American southwest and are on your way to your next show in Phoenix Arizona, when your tour bus breaks down and pulls over to the side of the road.  You look out the window and see only desert.  You turn to your band mates Tony and Jason and say...

"Hey, there's a diner over there. Let's go grab some breakfast."
"I'm not hungry." Replies Jason, still laying down on the couch that runs along the length of the bus.
You and Tony drag Jason into the diner. You sit in a booth and order coffee. You look around the empty diner and wonder why it's so empty. Then, two men walk in through the front door of the diner.
One of them is Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist for Nirvana. The other is an older version of Bob Dylan. You're a big fan of both musicians, and are excited to meet them.
> You tell them about your tour bus breaking down.
"Oh no! I hope it's not serious." Says Cobain.
Kurt Cobain offers to look at the bus engine. He says it smells like... Cool-Aid is what he says. You don't really understand what he means... But sure! Why not? He seems like a trustworthy guy. He's an American hero and all.
> You ask them if they can give you a ride to Phoenix.  Lena Hall is driving their tour bus.
"Sure! No problem. We can give you a ride in our tour bus!" Says Bob.
You and your band mates get to talking with the two musicians and find out that their tour bus is out of commission.
> You pour Cool-Aid into Cobain and Dylan's bus' gas tank, and the bus roars to life!
You and your band mates get into the tour bus. It has written across the side of it. The inside is very nice, with leather seats and a large screen television.
> You lena Hall tells everyone "buckle up"
It's the year 20XX. Darkness Falls is a household name. You are all multimillionaires. Your album, Take One Last Breath was the best selling album of the last 10 years.
> You and your bandmates all develop drug problems.
You and your bandmates get to the hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. You all decide to go ice skating at the hotel, because you're bored.
> You tell your band mates that you want to start a solo career.
You're on the road for most of your life. You play concerts every single day. It's no longer fun for you. You make a lot of money, but you are very lonely.
> You ask Kurt Cobain for advice on how to deal with fame.
"You need to get off the road." Says Cobain, skates over to you.
"I can't do that, there are concerts to play!" You say.
Cobain sighs.
> You ask Bob Dylan for advice on how to deal with fame.
"Your bandmates are your family, you shouldn't want to harm them." Says Bob.
"But they're just holding me back!" You exclaim.
Cobain and Dylan look at each other.
You, against the advice given, decide to go solo.
You become a recluse and don't leave your house for three years. You become very strange and eat a diet almost entirely of pickled condiments.
One night you nearly overdose on relish. Everyone at your funeral blames it on the drugs.
Tony speaks at your eulogy. He says...
"...Yeah, and so as I was saying to his widow, Lena, if he hadn't been eating relish every day for the past three years he wouldn't have died."
Jason shakes his head and tries to gives a more heartfelt eulogy.  Jason says...
"...yeah, and so in memory of Len, I've written a song."
He starts playing his acoustic guitar.
While Jason is playing, Tony asks Lena out on a date. 
Tony asks Lena out on a date. 
She says yes.
Jason sees Tony has won over Lena and smashes his guitar on Jim's coffin.
Lena realizes that though the band has broken up, she has to finish what they've started.
Lena, you want to honor Jim by finishing his work.
You realize that Bob is right.