AIPD EP176 – 9/11/2020 – Story 3

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You are Boris the grill master. One day while grilling, there is an explosion and your eyebrows are burned off. You are embarrassed, but everyone loves your new look. You decide to...

Stick with your grill job. Try to become a pirate. You love salmon too much to quit. Move back in with your mother. She'll understand why you did it and feed you delicious bread and potatoes.
> You sneak into her makeup drawer and draw new eyebrows onto your face.
You become a hit at the local fairs. You charge people to see your giant eyebrows. Your mother is so proud that nothing can bring you down!
You are content until...
A woman with even larger eyebrows steals focus.  It's Natasha, your partner. You are no longer needed in the show. Once again you are broke.
> You invite Natasha to a spa day with a secret plan to Brazilian hot wax her eyebrows.
You run the wax expertly over Natasha's eyebrows. The wax is so hot, it takes off her eyebrows AND their roots! A true first. She is so happy that she jumps on you with special kisses.
> You graciously accept her special kisses.
The next day, you are both happy. After all, if you're happy, Natasha is happy.
> You and Natasha decide to go to Brazil to get super-special waxes.
You and Natasha walk into the waxing place. It is your lucky day. There are no other customers. The esthetician is a quiet woman with long, curly blond hair... just like yours!
> You request a Brazilian wax procedure for your entire body.
The woman is flustered. She has never done a Brazilian for a man before. But she doesn't want to lose her job! She decides to go for it.
As she rips off the first patch of hair, she notice a birthmark that matches her own exactly.  She says, "Brother?" And then faints.
> You touch your birthmark to hers and they begin to glow.
The woman wakes up and says, "I am your sister. I was visiting Mother when the storm came." You look out at the rain and window. Suddenly you remember something... something from so long ago...
It was just a dream... or... no? It was so real! You try to remember where you are and look down at yourself. You are no longer hairy and you have normal eyebrows again.
"The storm! Mother! Where is Mother?"
Your sister says, "I don't know. When I awoke from the storm I was swept out to sea."
Images flood your brain. Darkness.
> You call your mother and ask her why she never told you about your lost sister.
Your house is larger than it has ever been. Your mother has become a supermodel and your father... well he's happy. You, however, are miserable.
> You bring your sister home to reunite with her long lost mother.
You bring your sister home. Eventually the two of you have a falling out and she leaves to become a super model. You live alone with your mother who treats you like a king.
You are miserable... again.
> You decide to return to your true love, the barbecue grill.
You fall in love with a pretty waitress who loves to cook. The two of you open a restaurant together. All your recipes are a big hit! You finally are living the life you always desired.
You are happy...