AIPD EP175 – 9/10/2020 – Story 3

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You are Ling, a street violinist. You play in the subway for spare change. Big crowds gather to hear you play. One of your fans is a chef. He asks you to play in his restaurant... .
You are nine years old. A gang of older boys steals your bag of candy.... .
You are in a restaurant.. It is your first day as a waitress... .
> You wash dishes in the back and make plans to get revenge on those boys who stole your candy.
You go back into the kitchen and see a butcher knife. You take it upstairs when you go out to get the mail.... .You see the boys across the street coming out of the corner candy store.
You break knife in half out of rage.
You enter the candy store and see a bag with a sign that says "FREE CANDY." You take it.
You stuff your bag with candy and walk out of store.
> You find the boys and taunt them with your free candy.  They get very jealous.
You throw the bag so that it hits one of the boys in the face. You laugh out loud. They get angry... .
You come home to find your door kicked in. The candy is gone!
> You find your mother Mulan dead on the kitchen floor with a single piece of candy laying on her chest.
You begin to cry....
You scream.
> You look to the sky and scream, "CANDY BOYS!!!!!"
You have decided to dedicate your life to tracking down the "Candy Boyz."
Mulan's funeral is very interesting....
You are walking through the graveyard.
You recall some of the many weird things that happened during the funeral.
Several people walked out of the church when they saw that the casket was filled entirely with candy.
> You immediately after the funeral you sign up for kung fu classes.
Months have passed. You come home after your classes.
You walk into the living room and find a large package waiting for you.
You open it with the butcher knife that you still carry around.
> You say "You unbox the package and see it is a DVD series of Joe Jitsu, martial arts teacher, with a note that says "TO DEFEAT THE CANDY BOYZ!"
You watch the DVD...
In the first part of the DVD, you see a little girl eating pieces of broken glass.
In the second part of the DVD, you see a man cooking and eating worms.
> You see Joe Rogan on the screen and realize these DVDs are old episodes of Fear Factor.
You rip up the DVD and throw it away.
The end
You have successfully beaten the Candy Boyz.
The Candy Boyz say they were forced to rob you by their boss. Mr. Goodbar. You plan your revenge... .
Your mother comes home. You tell her how the candy bar companies are run by a evil crime boss. She bursts into tears.You hug your mom and she laughs maniacally and turns into gummy worms.
You scream... .
You wake up. It was just a dream...
> You go to the kitchen and discover your mom really has turned into gummy worms.
You scream.
You run out of the house screaming. You see a man with a black top hat and black clothing. He laughs as you try to explain your situation to him... .
The end.
> You tell him you are on a mission to defeat the Candy Boyz and their leader Mr. Goodbar.
He points to you and laughs, "You are a fool! You should of stayed at home. Now the Candy Boyz will get you. Bwahahahaha!"
You think about the dream you had.
You realize Mr Goodbar is Hank Hill.  You threaten destroy his propane unless he helps you get back at the Candy Boyz.
He agrees.
You meet the Candy Boyz at their headquarters. Hank Hill has made a device that neutralizes the candy, causing it to become regular food again. You storm the building.
> You beat Hank Hill unconscious with your violin. He explodes into hundreds of delicious pieces of candy.
You run out of the building. You are tired. Hank Hill was carrying the device that neutralizes the candy in his giant propane tank on his back. You are trapped!
The police arrive.
> You reach into your pocket and pull out a single piece of candy.  You think of your mother and smile that she has been avenged.
You die...