AIPD EP175 – 9/10/2020 – Story 2

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You are Susan.  The year is 1955 and you are a courtroom stenographer.  During a very important trial, a key witness takes the stand.  It is your job to record what they are saying but they have a very thick Louisiana bayou accent and you are having difficulty understanding what they are saying.  You begin to sweat.  The judge looks at you, then he leans over to you and says...

"Take the transcript back to my chambers and type it over." He says quietly.
You walk back to the judge's chambers.
You pretend to redo it, but you hand the original transcript. He adds some new information he heard in the trial that you did not. The judge declares the defendant guilty, the man is taken away and executed.
"...And now you've been saved thanks to your mother!"
The next court case is Jim, a guy being sued for "killing" characters in AI Dungeon 2. You are the stenographer, and have to type everything above the judge's head. Suddenly, a bear person wearing chainmail and playing with an assortment of guns walks into the room.
> You say "Mom, you can't bring your guns in here. "
"Shut up, kid."
Furious, you send your mother back home to get her guns.
"That's not my mother!" the man exclaims as she leaves.
Jim takes the stand and you record everything he says. When he is done, the judge stares at him in shock.
"Do you realize that what you did was reckless and stupid?"
"Yes."The Judge sets Jim free.
"We'll be appealing this decision." says the plaintiff, furious.
And the Judge replies, "Boys will be boys!"  The next court is Marty Moose, the Walley World mascot vs  Mikey Moose, legally distinct dosney character. You sit in the corner and begin to redo the last transcript. Suddenly, a strange person walks in.
"Hey kid."
You quickly decide whether or not to respond.

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> You nod at Marty Moose, and he shoots the copyright officer with a tranquilizer dart.
The dart is injected right into the officer's neck. He falls over, and you quickly drag him out of the courtroom and into a broom closet.
"I need to hide him here until after the trial!"
> You take his clothes and impersonate him, then you take the stand as a witness.
You take the officer's place on the witness stand, then you begin to testify. The courtroom goes silent. The defense interrogates you a bit, but everything seems to be going well. Until your mother arrives.
Your mother walks in with Tony Aces, who sings the first six seconds of "Kung Fu Fighting." Everybody immediately starts fighting. The judge issues a ban on the song, and the trial is adjourned.
> You you're interviewed by journalists outside on the courthouse steps.
The first journalist asks, "Mr. Uruha, why did you give such a poor performance under oath?"
"Objection!" exclaims your lawyer.
"I'm not talking to you,"
In the car, you take off the mouse head and reveal that you are in fact Susan and not Marty Moose. The media goes wild. You take advantage of the situation by releasing your latest single, "Beatbox," and earn a million dollars instantly.
The judge blackmails you saying that he has evidence that you doctored court transcripts.  He wants your one million dollars. The judge will offer you two choices: either go to jail or rob a bank with him.

The next day, you are all on the steps of a bank with bags of cash.
> You are dressed as Bhrek, the Creamworks mascot. You agree to rob the bank with the judge.
The judge and you enter the bank. He points a gun at the tellers and you begin filling a sack full of cash. The alarms suddenly go off, and the two of you are trapped inside.
> You wave your gun furiously and shout "open the fucking doors or this bitch gets it!" pointing your gun at the teller.
Light flashes off the barrel of your gun. You suddenly realize that you're not just robbing a bank, you're attempting to rob a bank with a judge. You've gotten yourself into some deep shit.
> You shoot a grappling hook through the bank skylight, and you and the judge ascend to safety.
You are standing outside the bank with the judge, and you have both escaped with the money.
Later that night, you go to jail.
You see the judge is not with you.  You use your one phone call to talk with him and he says, "It had to be me or you and I choose you."
You realize that you may have just made the worst decision of your life.