AIPD EP174 – 9/9/2020 – Story 1

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You are Mason, the founder of DPIA. DPIA is a show about dramatic, but family-friendly stories involving an AI. You try to make DPIA as serious and humorless as possible. You are joined by Bony, a guy who loves the film Brother's Act 2 so much that he kept buying tickets to other films before sneaking into screenings for Brother's Act 2. You are also joined by Tim, a guy who doesn't like to hide anything except his forehead.

There are twelve movies in total, and you are currently working on the fifth one.
Tim joins you for another viewing of Brother's Act 2, but he doesn't know the plot.  You explain that the movie is about...

Plug in your VR headset into your phone and watch the movie using the app. You can't wait to try this!

Go see the movie in theaters. You're curious about how they filmed it.
> You write a letter to Stephen Spielberg and request a behind the scenes DVD to get more info about how they made Brother Act, because you want to make your own movie series starring Marlon and Damon Wayans.
You write to the address you found for Mr. Spielberg, but you never get a reply. A few months later, you get in a horrific car crash and are in a coma for years.
> You wake up and discover they have made the movie without you.
After waking up from your coma, you learn that the movie was a success. It won't be out of theaters anytime soon and it is already being worked on by the time you come to.
You and see the movie with Tim and Bony. The movie is very funny and well written. But you think it could be funnier if they let you work on it, so you're going to go back to your writing room and start working on a new movie...
> You say "Brother's Act 6: A New Hope."
You've decided to make a sequel to your successful movie series.
You've thought of the name, but you haven't gotten any further than that.
> You decide the movie will be about the brothers searching for their father.
You think of a name for your new movie.
The movie starts off with them hiding from the cops and trying to seek out their father, a man named Roger Wilco.
You know that name from a game you played when you younger.  You find a copy of Space Quest at your local library and play it.  You play as Roger Wilco!
You begin writing the movie...

A bustling starport. Scantily clad beautiful women walk around and a man with a camera is filming everything and everyone.
> You head to Stephen Spielberg's office and demand that he direct the movie!
You head to a building labeled "Headquarters" and knock on the door. A man answers, it'''s...
The Kool-Aid Man!  He busts throw the wall next to the door and says, "Oh yeah!" in his Kool-Aid Man voice.
"Excuse me," you say.
"Oh yeah! You must be here to see Mr. Spielberg!" he replies.
"Who are you?
The Kool-Aid man explains he is Steven Spielberg's personal assistant. He leads you to Steven's office. When you arrive, you knock on the door.
"Come in!" a voice says. It's Mr. Spielberg! He's as short as you would expect. He stands up to shake your hand.
Instead of shaking his hand, you shove your script in it.  You say, "Get ready to win an Oscar!"  You go to a private island with Steven and knock all the pre-production for the movie while gorging yourself.  You go a little crazy and put on 15,000 lbs.  You are so heavy, you sink the island.
You drown and die.