AIPD EP172 – 9/7/2020 – Story 3

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You are Jason, a warrior fairy of the forest. You have just graduated fairy college, and you are applying for a job as a forest guardian. The ogre who works in Human Resources glares at you as you fly in for your interview. He says…

"We gonna see if you can do the job. Try and kill me," he grunts, as he sticks out his arm for you to cut off.
You look around the office and notice a battle ax under your seat.  You pick it up and cut the HR Ogre's arm off. He gives you a serious look as he begins to bleed to death, then tells you…
"You get the job. Don't worry about me, I'm gonna go find my other arm and eat it."
The next day you wake up early to make sure you get to your first day on the job early.  You are the new Forest Guardian. Your boss is a large fairy who introduces himself as Knubs.
You are confused by his name because you know him as Shrek.  You ask him why he goes by Knubs now. He tells you…
"It's a long story."
"Shrek?" you ask.
"Yeah, that's another long story."
"So why is there a fairy in the forest guarding the forest?"
"Well, the king used to send knights. Then they got lazy and sent wizards. Now there aren't any forests left to guard.
> You say "But what about the Great Green Forest? I want to guard that."
"Well, kid, you're in luck. There's a magical barrier around the Great Green Forest that keeps it from being destroyed. It also stops anyone from entering, or leaving. But it'll still need guarding."
The next day you find some Gnolls trying to disable the barrier. They look offended when you show up.
"What are you doing here?!" they demand.
"I'm guarding the barrier, just like you!"
"Oh yeah? Prove it."
> You hold up the ogre's arm that you cut off. "Any more questions?"
"Fair enough," the leader says.
You get a scroll that says, "Report to HR". You don't know what it means.
You go to the forest and begin your job. A couple days later, you encounter some adventurers.
You straighten your vest and tell the adventurers they cannot pass through the barrier. They look irritated, but your stern expression makes them back down. You notice their equipment is covered in blood and they have a menacing look in their eyes. You figure they must be on an adventure of some sort.
You notice the barrier start to crack and you worriedly look back and tell the adventurers they are not on the list.  The adventurers tell you there names...
You walk over to the Great Green Forest and find out that it is being destroyed by humans. You tell them...
"Stop, you must stop! This forest is under the protection of the Kingdom!"
> You say "Tell me what adventure you are on?"
"It's not an adventure, it's a quest."
"What is your quest?" you ask.
"We're supposed to release someone from a curse," they reply, confused.
The barrier then disappears.
> You say "Ok, you can enter the forest, but I will supervise you to make sure you do not destroy the forest."
"Well that seems fair," the adventurers agree.
You decide to travel with the adventurers for a bit.
> You say "So, who has this curse?"
"A ghost named Fred," they reply.
> You say "Why do you want to free him from this curse? "
"It's the right thing to do. Besides, he gives us magical items."
"Magical items?"
They show you a necklace they are wearing. It is glowing.
"He gave you this?"
> You say "Can I try on the necklace?"
You put on the necklace and immediately feel a surge of power. You feel your whole body tingle and a warm glow emits from your chest.
You realize that you are glowing, not just the necklace.
The adventurer's bow to you and chant, "The chosen one!"
"Chosen one?" you ask, confused.
"Yes, you have been chosen to defeat the vampire lord."
You are suddenly surrounded by a group of people. They look at you expectantly.
> You and adventurers enter a clearing. Fred the ghost is there, chained to a monument. The vampire lord stands before you. He says...
You and the adventurers enter a clearing. There is a ghost in chains, hovering above the ground. He has a sad look on his face. You see a vampire standing before you. He says...
You are shocked to see that the vampire lord is Shrek, also known as Knubs.
"Shrek?" you ask, stunned.
"Yes," he replies, "I am the vampire lord."
Knubs looks happy to see you. He says that you two should talk in private.
Knubs pulls you aside and says you are not right for the forest guardian job. He says you have anger management issues and that the FGT has no wisdom for you. He asks if you know anyone who does.
> You quickly take off your glowing necklace and place it on Shrek, destroying him and freeing Fred the ghost.
You quickly take off your necklace and place it on Knubs. He screams in pain as he turns to ash. You walk over to Fred, who is now free from his chains.
"Thank you for saving me,"
You hold hands expecting magical items from Fred.
"Go with the magic of the forest," he says.
You feel magical power course through your body. You see a magical stag appear and disappear into the woods.