AIPD EP172 – 9/7/2020 – Story 1

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You are Jim, a guy who is prepared to saved your friends on Labor Day. Your friends, Jason and Tony, are going mountain-climbing and you think they'll fall off the mountain. While climbing, Jason says, "These ropes are too tight. I'm going to loosen them." Jason unties his ropes and starts falling. Tony's Sister Act 2 DVD falls out of his jacket, so he unties his ropes in an attempt to save the DVD. You lay a mattress on the ground, so they will have a soft landing. Who falls down onto the mattress?
You start to run to the park. It takes you 40 minutes to run there. When you arrive, you see a big crowd of people.
> You run to see what commotion.  You see Jason laying on the ground with broken legs.
"Why are you standing there? Help me, you idiot!" cries the injured man.
You call the paramedics and they rush over to help him. The paramedic says that he cannot feel a pulse.
> You realize the paramedic is touching Jason's skull. You yell at him to find a pulse on his wrist.
"That won't work," the paramedic says, "he's dead."
You scream at the paramedic and run to a pay phone.
Who do you call?
> You call the park ranger and complain about the incompetent paramedic.
The park ranger arrives and the paramedic tells him you found a pulse on the wrist. You are still upset about your dead friend. Who do you try to kill?
> You realize Jason is alive, but the park ranger and paramedic are too stupid to figure this out. You see Tony parachute in holding his Sister Act 2 DVD. You and Tony talk about what to do next.
You see a hook and ladder, so you plan on using that to save your friends.
You use the the hook and ladder, but you don't exactly know what to do with it. After several minutes of arguing and trying to start the engine, the ladder falls on your head.
You feel a sharp pain in the back of your head. You realize it's a knife...
You turn around and see Walter Estevez, eccentric gun shop owner, standing there holding a knife.  It has been blocked my Tony's Sister Act 2 DVD that he threw like a shuriken.
You have been stabbed in the back by Walter Estevez.
Who do you haunt?
Tony knocks out Walter Estevez and slaps you until you wake up. You both vow to haunt Walter when you die,  but for now, you have to save Jason. Who do you save?
You and your friends, Mr. Estevez and the paramedic, rush to the park. The paramedic cuts open a man's chest and puts his fist inside.
You see the paramedic is Billy Bob Joe, you know him as the dumbest kid in high school. Billy Bob manages to massage the man's heart and he starts breathing again. The man turns out to be your guidance counselor, Mr. Trudeau.
Who do you save?
> You save the Sister Act DVD.
The Sister Act DVD is safe. You take a moment to reflect on your accomplishment. You have saved the world from a lackluster sequel thanks to your quick thinking and dedication to quality cinema.
You solo climb the mountain to get away from all the death and saving people. At the peak you find a crucifix.
Who do you worship?
> You worship the mountain.
You spend the rest of your life on the mountain. You are found dead 100 years later with a smile on your face and a crucifix in your hand.
You have chosen to spend eternity on the mountain.