AIPD EP171 – 9/6/2020 – Story 1

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You are Mr. Video, a YouTube streamer. One day, you are trying to come up with a topic to stream about. You go the bathroom and set your phone on the floor. After spending an hour in the bathroom, you realized you accidentally pressed the live button your phone. You did a one-hour stream of you on the toilet! You accidentally post the video to YouTube. It becomes the most viewed video on your channel.

You realize you've stumbled onto a great topic: everyday boring stuff people do.

What do you stream about?
You stream toilet paper reviews and rate different brands.  You rate toilet paper on a scale of 0 to 5 rolls (5 being the best). During these streams, you also mention the topics you want to discuss later.
You stream yourself filling out paperwork at the DMV. You also take questions from your viewers during this stream.
> You live stream your driving test.
You decide to live stream your driving test. You hook up your phone to a portable speaker and start the live stream. During the entire thing, people on the chat encourage you to speed up.
> You allow the chat to control your life.  You do everything they request.
After the driving test, you begin everyday tasks like brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. During these streams, you allow the chat to control your life. They dictate what you do and when you do it.
Your chat tells you to slap your boss.  Your boss is unfortunately alternative universe Art Professor Adolf Hitler. He cries and fires you on the spot.
You quickly begin to run out of money. You've been spending all your money on canisters of helium so you can talk in a high pitched voice for your streams.
> You the chat demands that you go on a date.  They force you to ask out an old chinese lady at the grocery store.
You begin to go on a series of horrible dates.
First, you go on a date to the grocery store, where the chat tells you to ask out an old chinese lady. She immediately says no. You go to the coffee shop. The chat tells you to ask out a girl that is there reading. She says no. You go to the bookstore. The chat tells you to ask out the owner, an old british man. He immediately says no. You're fired.
The chat begins to demand that you do increasingly inappropriate things.
The chat makes you wear an enormous hat and learn how to do magic tricks. They order you to go to the local bar and approach women and do magic tricks. You are kidnapped by pirates while you are swimming in the ocean.
The chat tells you to go stand in the middle of a highway.
The pirates are all Tier 3 subscribers, they are your biggest fans. They promote your channel and it skyrockets in popularity.
Your channel soon has more subscribers than any other channel. You become very rich and powerful. You buy a mansion and hire servants.
You hire Hitler as your interior designer. You become increasingly more egotistical and greedy, you begin to lose all sympathy for other people. You hire a PR manager to make you appear like a kind generous person.
You buy a private island.
> You live alone on the private deserted.  You have no contact with other people for one year.
You write a tell-all book exposing everything that happened behind the scenes of your now defunct internet channel.
You make a conference explaining how badly your audience was treating you and that you were forced to do all these things.
> You go back to streaming, just for you, on the toilet, and this time, you turn off the chat.
You stream yourself going on a date to the grocery store.
You stream yourself going on a date to the coffee shop.
You stream yourself going on a date to the bookstore.