AIPD EP170 – 9/5/2020 – Story 3

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You are Ken.  You are a Karate instructor for children.  You are very tough with your students because you want them to be tough and succeed.  You tell your oldest student Johnny to get up and fight you.

"Why do we have to learn this stuff?" he complains as he gets up.
> You say "Because you have to learn to defend yourself" and then spar with him a little bit.
You laugh and step to the side and let him continue his training.
> You challenge your best student to a sparring match. His name is Daniel LaRusso.
He walks up to you smiling. "Are you going to spar with me now?" he asks.
"Of course," you say. "But I don't want you holding anything back."
"Don't worry," he says with a laugh. "I won't."
He begins to move his feet, shifting his weight from one foot to the other as he gets into his fighting stance.
You do a flip and injure your balls. Ever since, you've been very careful about what you do and don't do in your fights.
> You position your body into Tiger Stance and shout "Tiger Stance!"
You watch your opponent's feet to see what stance they are in.
"Tiger Stance!" you shout.
He copies your stance perfectly.
You throw a flurry of punches, but Daniel perfectly parries all of them.
He punches you in the stomach, and you double over in pain.
He grabs your shoulder and flips you onto your back.
You make a note to yourself that he shouldn't be able to do that.
> You sweep the leg.
He drops down and sweeps your other leg out from under you.
You hit the ground with a thud.
"Good, good," says Johnny, watching intently as you pick yourself up off the floor.
> You gather all your energy into your most powerful attack!
You throw a punch at him.
You miss and fall to the floor on your hands and knees.
He does some weird hand movement that you don't understand, but which causes you to suddenly feel dizzy.
You see Daniel from a Kamehameha blast and blow out the front wall of your strip mall dojo.
"I WIN!" he shouts.
"Good job," says Johnny. "Well done."
> You realize Johnny has been adding his chi energy to Daniel's. You knock out Johnny and turn to face Daniel again. He looks uncertain.
You walk to the front of the room, ignoring your aching stomach.
"Hey! Where are you going?" says Johnny. "We aren't done here."
You ignore him and keep walking towards Daniel.
> You blow sand in his eyes.
You draw a Kamehameha blast symbol in the air.
A blast of sand flies into his eyes, knocking him down.
You raise your hands to deliver the finishing blow.
You stop.
> You grab his nose like a bicycle horn, and you say, "Honk!"
You grab his nose like a bicycle horn, and you say, "Honk!"
He smiles. "Very funny."
"Let's start again?" you ask.
"Sure," he says.
Just then the bell rings and the class finishes.  You pack up your things and drive home in your mustang to have sex with your super hot girlfriend.
You have fun for the rest of the day.