AIPD EP170 – 9/5/2020 – Story 2

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You are Faladar, a young elf. One day while exploring a cave, you find a passage that looks manmade. At the end of the passage is a door. You open the door and find…

A. A room with a beautiful sparkling sword hanging over a throne. The throne has no one sitting in it, but the room is brightly lit and warm.
You look around, but see no one.  You decide to sit on the throne. As soon as you do, the lights begin to flicker and you hear a loud voice boom through the room.
"Only the rightful king of The Kingdom of Arat can sit on the throne!"
> You say "Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you.  I am just a young elf who likes to explore caves."
The lights flicker on and off a few times. "Keep talking, elf."
"Do you mind if I ask who I am speaking to?"
The voice lets out a small chuckle.
> You say "My name is Faladar"
"I am the creator of this realm."
You are shocked by this revelation. "What do you mean 'realm'?"
"Why, the Kingdom of Arat of course! I created all of this!"
> You say "Show yourself!  I don't speak to shadows!"
"You are not a very nice guest, you know that?"
"I'm sorry. I've just never met a god before."
"I'm not a god. I am a creator.
You grab the sword off the wall and take a battle stance. "Okay, enough fun. Come out and face me like a man!"
"As you wish." As the shadow says this, it moves from the center of the room to in front of you. "Well?"
> You challenge the shadow to a duel to see who wins the Kingdom of Arat!
"I accept your challenge." The shadow declares, "But there are a few rules you must follow."
"What are they?," you ask.
"First, only I can hurt you in this duel. Second, there is no time limit. Third, you may choose any weapon available to you in the room.
You drop the sword and kiss him on the cheek.
"What the... Get away from me!"
"I picked the rules, I can break them if I want!"
You grab the sword off the wall and raise it over your head.
> You swing the sword at the shadow.
The sword goes right through the shadow. The shadow laughs as you run out of breath. "You are weak and not of royal blood."
The shadow walks up to you and pulls out your heart.
You pull out the shadow's penis and testicles.
"Ouch!" You yell.
"Quiet! You'll wake the king!"
You drop the shadow's genitals and the shadow begins to change shape.
You bang the sword on the wall until the King wakes up.
"What's going..." he begins to ask.
You go to cut his head off and blood squirts out all over the wall. You don't waste anytime grabbing the crown.
> You put the crown on your head. It fits perfectly.
You are now king of the Kingdom of Arat!
> You explore deeper into the cave.
You walk down the tunnel and come across a room with three doors. You open them up and find...
A. A room with a beautiful sparkling sword hanging over a throne.
B. A room that is filled with gold and treasures.
C. A room with a beautiful maiden who smiles at you.
> You choose wisely.
You choose door C and she takes you to a room that is filled with gold and treasures. You sit on the bed, look at each other and start kissing.
You start groping the maiden and then you hear a chuckle. "If you close your eyes, you won't have to find out if she is the princess or the Queen!"
You open your eyes and now see that the maiden is actually a fairy.
> You lean in for more kisses.
The fairy begins to transform into the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. "I am the princess! Now, behead that rogue!"
You grab a sword and behead the rogue.
The Shadows enters and says, "Oh no, you've killed the Cleric that was going to stop the demon horde!"
The demons come in and kill you.